Newsletter August 2013

Back to school ¦ Pacific Essences workshops ¦ New oral sprays from Australia ¦ Special offer

Welcome to the August 2013 edition of the Fleurs de Vie Newsletter. It has been two months since our last Newsletter and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. I am happy to report that our new website is finally up and running, not as soon as I would have liked and with much more difficulty than I had expected, but it is on-line! 

In this edition we talk about how essences can help both students and teachers/parents with the back to school period. We are also introducing 4 new oral sprays from Australian Bush, and our special offer on the Fleurs de Vie Sprays. Also there is still time to sign up for the workshops being given by Sabina Pettitt in the Poitou-Charente region.


Back to school

back to schoolThe start of the school year is always a time of change, whether it is just adjusting to new classes or actually moving to a new school.

Below are some suggestions that can help children start off the school year on the right foot.

  • Confid (Australian Bush combination) builds self-esteem and confidence, and helps children who are self-conscious around others. 
  • Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature/Master's) builds self-assurance, for children who are self-deprecating, who compare themselves to others, who are dissatisfied with themselves. 
  • Lion Cub (Wild Earth Animal) is for children who are fearful or anxious and lack confidence. 
  • Cow Parsnip (Alaskan) helps those who have difficulty connecting with or adapting to new surroundings after a move. It also facilitates flexibility and adaptation to change. 
  • Corn (Spirit-in-Nature) enhances mental vitality - for new beginnings: a new school year, moving to a new location, making new friends. 

Don't forget the many flower essences that can make studying easier by helping with concentration, memory, creativity and verbal expression. Click here for a list of useful essences.

Flower Essences can also be used by teachers and parents. They can be sprayed in the classroom or study area at home to clear the air and make the environment more appropriate for learning. If there are unruly students who cannot settle down, try spraying the classroom with a space clearing essence like Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie) or Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush). You can also use the Easy Learning Spray (Alaskan) or Calm and Clear Mist (Australian Bush) to help students concentrate and remain focused on their lessons.

The flower essences that help in school are not reserved for children. They can also help any adult who is taking a training course, starting a new project at work or starting a new job. These are times when it is useful to feel confident, focused and able to take in and understand new concepts and procedures.

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Pacific Essences workshops

Pacific logoSabina Pettitt, creator of the Pacific Essences, will give two workshops in Poitou-Charentes at the end of September and the beginning of October. The Pacific Essences differ from other essence ranges as they all have correlations with the meridians and 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the chakras. Knowing how to balance the meridians and elements adds another dimension to the use of essences.

The Level 1 workshop (28-29 September) is for anyone who is interested in essences either as a therapist or someone who takes care of their own health and well-being as well as that of their family. In this workshop you will be study 36 Pacific essences (flower, sea and gem essences) and the 12 meridians. By the end of the workshop you will have a good working knowledge for using the Pacific essences.

The Level 2 workshop (5-6 October) is for those people who wish to learn more about the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and the other essences in the Pacific range.

Click here for more information on the contents of these workshops.

The workshops are being organised by l'Association Apprendre par la Kinésiologie - 9 rue Neuve, 79190 Sauzé-Vaussais.

For more information contact Catherine Rivaud ( - 0549071768) or Sylvie Pouaty ( - 0549079450).

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New Oral Sprays from Australia

dynamis oral sprayAustralian Bush has introduced 4 new oral sprays to their range: Body Love oral spray, Cognis oral spray, Confid oral spray, Dynamis oral spray. These attractive 20ml sprays are a convenient size to be taken with you as you go about your day. They also make taking essences easier and more discreet. Just 2 sprays on the tongue, anytime, anywhere.

Body Love oral spray encourages love, nurturing, care and touch of your physical body. It helps to deal with any dislike and non-acceptance of one's body, skin texture or intimate loving touch.

Cognis oral spray gives clarity and focus when working, speaking, reading or studying. It balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information.

Confid oral spray brings out the positive qualities of self esteem and confidence. It allows us to feel comfortable around other people and resolve negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves.

Dynamis oral spray renews enthusiasm and joy for life. It is for those who feel "not quite right", drained, jaded or not fully recovered from setbacks.

We are pleased to announce that these 4 new oral sprays, along with the 3 existing oral sprays (Emergency, Calm and Clear and Woman) are now available for 18 € (previously priced at 20,50 €)

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Special Offer

15% reduction on the Fleurs de Vie sprays: Clear Sky, Confidence, Connecting-up, Peace, Subtle Body Balancer, Winter Shield.

17,42 € for 50ml spray (regular price 20,50 €)
9,99 € for 10ml spray (regular price 11,75 €)

Offer good through 30 September, for internet orders only.

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