Excerpt from the Autumn 2007 Newsletter

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not"

One of the biggest obstacles to a happy, fulfilled life is a lack of self-confidence. Many people feel that they are unworthy, that they do not deserve a loving relationship, or are not capable of finding a good job or making a better life for themselves.

Others are too fearful or shy to step forward and take their place in the world. Lack of self-confidence is a toxic emotion that poisons our existence and leads to self-sabotaging behaviour.

We all hold negative beliefs about our selves that come from our families or society and we all engage in negative self-talk. We attach too much importance to past events, particularly our failures and allow them to determine our future.

If we look closely at confident people, what do we see? We see people who are at ease in the world, who have a sense of their own identity, who recognise their strengths as well as their weaknesses and who are not afraid of failure.

Luckily, for those of us who are still aspiring to such qualities, there are a great many essences that can help us to discover the confident, beautiful human beings that we really are.

Many people lack confidence because they are shy, timid and feel ill at ease in the company of others, particularly in social settings. For those who become tongue-tied and self-absorbed Ixia (South African) imparts confidence and grace, eliminating painful self-consciousness and putting one at ease.

Other essences for those who feel ill at ease socially include Mauve (DEVA) which helps shy people feel more secure and confident around others and Chimpanzee (Wild Earth Animal) which supports people who feel socially inhibited or self-conscious to connect with the simplicity and joy of being alive.

Fear is also an important factor in a lack of self-confidence. Cape Almond (South African) grounds and centres those who are afraid of the unknown, of the future, of failure. It helps them to find a safe space within and to feel secure, thereby encouraging boldness and confidence.

Illawarra Flame Tree (Australian Bush) brings confidence to those who are afraid of rejection or fear responsibility, while Dog Rose (Australian Bush) helps shy, insecure people to overcome their fears and embrace life more fully. Lion Cub (Wild Earth Animal) is especially beneficial for children who are fearful or anxious. It helps them develop the confidence, courage and strength to move forward.

A lack of self-confidence often leads to self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours. Confid (Austalian Bush combination) helps resolve negative subconscious beliefs we hold about ourselves as well as any guilt we harbour from past actions.

Low self-esteem, a dislike of self, and the sabotage that results can be countered with Five Corners (Australian Bush) which brings out love and acceptance of self. Indian Pipe (Pacific) resolves the inner voices that endlessly cloud our mind by counteracting negative self-talk and banishing feelings of worthlessness, so that we can easily find and live our life purpose.

In order to be confident we have to accept and love ourselves. Radiant Beauty (Pacific combination) helps us to appear beautiful to our self and to others regardless of our shape, size or physical features. It encourages us to accept and express our true self and allows others to see who we really are.

Being True Worth (Pacific combination) gives us a boost so that we can transcend cultural programming, release old toxic energy and emotional patterns and embrace new thoughts and attitudes. In this way we acknowledge and accept our strengths and weaknesses so that we can fully enjoy the life we were born to live.

Columbine (Alaskan) helps us appreciate our own unique and personal beauty, regardless of how it differs from others. It strengthens our sense of self and the ability to project ourselves out in the world for others to see.

Lace Flower (Alaskan) is for those people who feel insignificant and are unaware of their own natural beauty and intrinsic value. It strengthens self-acceptance and a sense of self-worth; it promotes the realization of how each person's unique contribution enriches the whole.

Christ Thorn (South African) is for those who have a serious problem of feeling worthless and inadequate, who consider that they are flawed or defective and therefore neglect themselves and their own needs. This essence brings a sense of personal value. It facilitates respecting and honouring oneself and one's emotions and needs. Bouton d'or (DEVA) brings openness and self-confidence to those who doubt and underestimate themselves and do not appreciate their own worth.

Swan (Wild Earth Animal) enhances self-esteem and expands our capacity to acknowledge and accept our own goodness and beauty. To Thine Own Self Be True (Green Hope Farm combination) helps us understand who we really are, and then supports us in being that person.

When we are confident we have a sense of personal identity, dignity and authority. Confidence (Fleurs de Vie) balances the yin and yang aspects of our being, it puts us in touch with our intuition, gives us the courage to speak out and express our inner being. We take responsibility for our actions and we waste no energy on regrets or guilt.

Supreme Confidence (Wild Earth Animal combination) provides support for acting with courage, self assurance and confidence while Empower (Wild Earth Animal combination) provides support for claiming our authentic, inner power.

Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature) imparts a strong sense of identity and self-assuredness, while Tamarack (Alaskan) promotes self-confidence by helping us reach a deeper understanding of our unique strengths and abilities and the conscious development of our individuality.

Some people lack confidence simply because they are too sensitive to the energies of others and their environment. If our energy field is polluted it is very hard to think clearly or feel good about ourselves. It is difficult to interact with others, and we begin to doubt ourselves. We may even pick up other people’s insecurities and adopt them as our own.

Good energetic hygiene can remedy this situation. Clean your energy field with Angelsword (Australian Bush), Purification (Alaskan combination) or Subtle Body Balancer (Fleurs de Vie). Then use a protection essence such as Auric Protection Essence (South African), Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm combination) or Guardian (Alaskan combination). You will soon feel the benefits that a clean and protected energy field can have on your life.

If you would like to learn more about energetic hygiene, please see our page dedicated to it.