Newsletter January 2018

New Chakra Tone essencesAustralian Bush Flower Essences workshopsSpecial Offer Pacific Roll-ons

2017 was a difficult year for me personally and yet I realise that everything is as it should be in my world. I hope that 2018 will be easier, with less heartbreak, and more energy and vitality. We'll see.

As I look back on what I said in January 2017, I realise that I don't have anything to add. Another year has passed, but the same problems face us. Some of the worldwide happenings seem even more dire than last year and yet the only solution I see is the same: approach each situation with love and compassion, think and act with tolerance, solidarity and respect for all Life.

The strength of our choices and our acts light the way for others to choose differently. This is how we change the world: one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

Happy New Year!!

New Chakra Tone essences

According to David Eastoe, the 7 Chakra Tone Essences are some of the best essences he has made to date. They combine the energy of plants with the healing energy of sound... the effects are powerful! These 7 essences activate and tone up the energies in each chakra, helping the energy flow and increasing well-being.

Chakra Tone 1 - Base Chakra. At the base of the spine. The chakra most associated with physical energy, primal energy, grounding/being grounded (as opposed to spaced out), more

Chakra Tone 2 - Sacral Chakra. In the area of the pubic bone/lower abdomen. Associated with issues relating to past relationships, emotional wounds, issues of self image and attraction, more

Chakra Tone 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra. Central abdomen energy centre. The Will, Self respect, perseverance, more

Chakra Tone 4 - Heart Chakra. Upper Chest energy centre. Compassion, Love, self love as well as love of others, more

Chakra Tone 5 - Throat Chakra. Throat area energy centre. Self Expression, creativity, seat of the voice, more

Chakra Tone 6 - Third Eye/Brow Chakra. Forehead area energy centre. Vision, imagination, visualisation, more

Chakra Tone 7 - Crown Chakra. Top of the head energy centre. Spiritual, the place where the spiritual energies enter, more

Instructions: Place about three drops in the palm of the hand, rub hands together briefly and gently, then place your hands 10 à 15 cm in front of the chakra (clothing does not inhibit the essence). Let the essence evaporate into the chakra for 20 to 30 seconds.

We are also introducing two other new Petaltone essences:

Clear 2 Indigo - protection on 3 different levels, this beautiful and powerful new essence is not only a good all round aura protection and clearing essence, but is also particularly good to use just before sleep; alters the quality of dreams.

Clear Psychic Gateway - this essence applied at back of the neck clears out the negative energies that often accumulate there, and also helps the muscles to relax. Use with Gateway Sentinel to protection the Psychic Gateway.

Australian Bush Flower workshops

Training for the Australian Bush Flower Essences (in French).

These classes are taught by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and francophone countries.

Level I

  • Paris (NextDoor - Gare de Lyon) - 17 and 18 March 2018
  • Geneva (Switzerland) - 5 and 6 May 2018

Level II

  • Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme) - 24 and 25 February 2018
  • Paris (NextDoor - Gare de Lyon) - 28 and 29 April 2018
  • Geneva (Switzerland) - 16 and 17 June 2018

For more information on these workshops see our web site (info in French), or contact Nadia Jacquemin on 06 08 80 60 32 -

Special Offer Pacific Roll-ons

Take advantage of our 15% reduction on the 11 Pacific Essences Precious Jewels synergistic blends of essential oils and Pacific essences in 10ml roll-ons.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Pacific Essences (Flower, Sea and Gem Essences) help to restore equilibrium to Body/Mind and Spirit through the subtle pathways of our energy anatomy. In combination, these two healing modalities can have profound impact on our ability to be well, to be happy, to be whole, to be who we can be.

Confidence; Free Flow; Gift of Rose; Joy of Life; Meditation; Northern Spirit; Nurturing; Purification; Radiance Men; Radiance Women; Soothing Aroma. Available individually, or a choice of 3 or the set of 11.

Offers valid through 31 January 2018. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.