Newsletter May 2017

Spirit-in-Nature - Essence Spectrum Chart - 

Spirit-in-Nature - Essence Spectrum Chart

The Spirit-in-Nature Essences, formerly the Master's Essences, are the second oldest flower essence range, after the Bach flower essences. Since 1977, the 20 Spirit-in-Nature essences are prepared in the United States from organic fruit orchards and vegetable gardens in the Sierra Nevada foothills and the island of Kauai. They represent the qualities needed to live life in a balanced and harmonious manner.

Lila Devi, the creator of these essences, has organised them in a chart showing how they can lead us on a journey of self-discovery and the realisation of our highest potential as human beings. The Essence Spectrum Chart illustrates and interprets the 20 Spirit in Nature Essences, offering a philosophical overlay of these essences through tracing the maturing process of the personality. The Spectrum Chart is divided into halves according to predominantly masculine and feminine essences and into Quadrants representing life stages and seasons of the year. Each Quadrant also depicts a complete cycle within itself.

  • Quadrant I captures a lighter, softer quality, much like the awakening of living things in springtime.
  • Quadrant II depicts drive, the fire of youth, and the blossoming energy of summer.
  • Quadrant III symbolizing autumn and middle age, expresses a continuation of the masculine drive to complete tasks and the harvesting of a deepening maturity and great strength.
  • Quadrant IV of feminine essences signifies the return to a gentler nature ripened with wisdom, and completing the cycle of life, much as winter concludes the natural cycle of the seasons.

You can view the chart on the downloads page.

This month we will take a look at Quadrant I: Spring/Childhood.

In Quadrant I, we find essences that capture the qualities of springtime and childhood - Lettuce, Coconut, Cherry, Spinach and Peach. It also symbolizes that period of life that includes birth, infancy and childhood. Exploration, excitement and wonder abound in the Quadrant I essences. These five essences reside in the feminine half of the Spectrum, exemplifying the qualities of adaptability, softness, gentleness and receptivity. You will also find in all five of the Quadrant I essences a certain simplicity of expression - a what-you-see-is-what-you-get quality.

Lettuce, the first essence in this Quadrant, represents the personality at birth as a clean slate, or a calm mind freed from restlessness and upsetting emotions. Lettuce carries within it a softness and delicacy, a lightness and quiet interiorisation.

Coconut is the white chalk with which to write on this slate. The hallmark of Coconut is expansiveness; it conveys the ability to see the whole picture and live more in a superconscious, solution-oriented state of mind.

From Coconut's message of upliftment, Cherry emerges with its cheerfulness and carefree spirit at the midway point through Quadrant I. Its childlike buoyancy with a delicate femininity is a necessary building block in creating a happy sense of self.

Cherry's good cheer evolves into Spinach which represents both simplicity and playfulness. Vibrationally, it allows the child within us to come out and play. Playful, full of wonder, undaunted and trusting, its gentle, feminine nature expresses a profound receptivity to life. Spinach lays the necessary groundwork for the loved child to mature into the loving adult.

Whereas Spinach epitomizes the child whose needs are honored and met, Peach now directs that energy outward from its own sense of wholeness toward nurturing others. It is called the "mothering essence", its love is given freely without condition and with no strings attached. The Peach mother has a light touch and a refreshing energy, much like a breeze in springtime, characteristic of Quadrant I's youthful qualities. As the last of the feminine essences, it gives birth, in a sense, to the masculine half of the Spectrum and Quadrant II, beginning with Corn. We will look at Quadrant II next month.

The Essence Spectrum Chart helps us understand the essences but it is not necessary to follow the order of the quadrants to benefit from their healing qualities.

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