Creating a better world in 2013

Excerpt from the Newsletter of January 2013

A lot of people have begun 2013 upset, depressed, even ill, in anticipation of some dire event that may (or may not) befall them. If this is true for you, I would suggest that you choose to change your attitude from one of expectant disaster to daily gratitude.

How we choose to think, how we formulate our intentions and where we place our attention can change the world. We may feel helpless when we see the chaos and craziness around us, but we all want the world to be a better place. We can contribute to making this happen by choosing to be positive, loving human beings in all situations, by being grateful for what we have instead of unhappy about what we don’t have. It is our thoughts and emotions that determine how we view the world and we can choose what to think and how to feel. By choosing to be optimistic and grateful we can have a positive effect on everything around us.

It is not enough to talk about how we would like the world to be a better place. To really make a difference we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. We must become loving, compassionate, forgiving, grateful human beings. As we hold the light of our convictions, others will also being to transform. This is how we change the world: one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

Through consciousness we create our reality. By being conscious of our Unity with all that is, we become more sensitive to our environment. We realise that what we do to others, we in fact do to ourselves. So be kind and forgiving, be optimistic and grateful - to yourself and to others. By these simple acts you are sowing the seeds of change for a better world.

Here are a few essence suggestions to help you on your way.

Wattle (South African) and Sunshine Wattle (Australian Bush) help us to be optimistic about the future, regardless of what experiences we have had in the past.

Willow (Deva or Alaskan), Southern Cross (Australian Bush) and Yucca (South African) transform feelings of victimhood and self-pity into a positive attitude of responsibility for the course of our lives.

Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) and Gratitude (Wild Earth Animal combination) help us take delight and pleasure in the details and little things in life; to be grateful for and aware of the blessings in every moment.

Chalice Well (Alaskan – environment) reminds us that we are a part of the web of life and can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we need help, while The Arbor Garden (Green Hope Farm combination) holds a vibration of Oneness, harmony, grace and sanctuary, for any situation where we have forgotten our Oneness.

Among the Sharing Love combination essences (Wild Earth Animal) Loving Compassion helps us feel and express deep compassion for ourselves and others; while Sharing Love helps us to connect with others and share love in all areas of our lives.

Among the Ile de Lumière essences, Sécurité grounds and centers us in our hearts reminding us that we are all ONE and that our differences are only illusions. Namasté instils a deep respect for others, it helps us to realise that we are all different but the same.

Being Peace (Pacific combination) helps create the energy of peace within us so that we can experience peace in the world around us. As more and more of us understand that peace begins with me and not with “changing out there” the greater hope there is for peace in our world.