Alaskan - research flower essences

41 research flower essences, available in 30 ml dropper stock bottles.

  • Alaska Violet

    Indications: lack of grounding; overcautious; timid; reticent; unable to actualize one's life purpose in a practical way on the physical plane.

  • Alpine Arnica

    Indications: over identification with emotional traumas and wounds from the past; pain without understanding.

  • Angelica

    Indications: feeling lost or abandoned and without spiritual protection; isolated in one's anxiety; overburdened by life.

    Healing Qualities: connects us to the protective energies of the angelic kingdom; promotes acceptance of spiritual support in all situations; helps us experience protection as coming from a certainty of our Divine nature.

  • Bleeding Heart

    Indications: feeling rejected by the self; heart closed to others; lack of compassion for ourselves and others; divisions in our relationships.

    Healing Qualities: promotes loving kindness; helps us resolve the polarities of love/separation and joy/suffering by opening the heart to compassion for all beings.

  • Blue Poppy

    Indications: weak or dysfunctional connection between the spiritual and sexual aspects of self; lack of balance between the inner male and female.

    Healing Qualities: helps us unify all aspects of our masculine and feminine characteristics within our physical bodies; promotes purity of passion in service to Spirit.

  • Bog Candle

    Indications: caught up in confusion, shame, fear and guilt; prone to destructive or degrading tendencies; extremely low self-esteem.

    Healing Qualities: support for cycles of initiation, death and rebirth; enables us to emerge from a deep experience of transformation with a new sense of wisdom; helps us bring discarded aspects of ourselves back to the embrace of Divine love.

  • Chocolate Lily

    Indications: over-reactive to situations beyond our control; low endurance and fatigue from chronically over-extending ourselves past the point of tiredness.

  • Cloudberry

    Indications: cloudy inner vision; looking outside of ourselves for insight and answers; always overwhelmed with details; obsessed with trying to figure things out.

  • Club Moss

    Indications: ungrounded; resistance to being here on Earth; little or no awareness of one's connection to the planet.

    Healing Qualities: helps us make a direct, present-time connection to the Earth; helps us go to deeper levels of relaxation, enjoyment, and manifestation; solidifies a base of energy in the body for the further development of higher functions; quiets the body, emotions and mind.

  • Comfrey

    Indications: low body awareness; unresolved trauma and injuries from the past; difficulty healing old wounds; energy loss for no apparent reason.

  • Crowberry

    Indications: life filled with inner conflict and attachment to outcome; unable to find or maintain one's center in a difficult or oppressive situation.

  • Devil's Club

    Indications: poor energetic boundaries; territorial conflicts; feel like there is not enough room to be fully present; defining one's personal space is a constant struggle.