Alaskan - Other Sprays

There are 6 combination essences sprays, available in 60ml spray bottles. They contain essential oils and are reserved for external use only. Shake before using and avoid the eyes

  • Animal Care Spray

    Animal Care Spray is primarily intended for use in animal rescue work, although it can be given to any animal in need.
    For external use only.

  • Beyond Words Spray

    Beyond Words Spray is a communication spray that supports confident self-expression. It helps you clarify and organize your thoughts so you can put them into words easily. Excellent for every situation in which honesty, open communication and shared understanding is crucial. External use only. Also available in drops.

  • Easy Learning Spray

    The Easy Learning Spray contains the organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are well known for their ability to enhance memory and mental focus, relieve mental fatigue, and promote inspiration. Also available in drops.

  • Go-Create Spray

    Go-Create Spray is an abundance spray that supports alignment with your true desires. Spray whenever you want to ignite inspiration and feel empowered in your capacity to create. Use it in your home, office, studio or during meditations, classes and workshops. For external use only. Also available in drops.

  • Soul Support Spray

    Soul Support is the Alaskan emergency care formula. It brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress and trauma, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels. Soul Support Spray is especially useful for calming, grounding, and centering the energy in our environment, as well as in our personal energy field.
    For external use only. Also available in drops.

  • Travel Ease Spray

    Travel Ease is specifically designed to ease the negative effects of air travel, including jet lag. It helps maintain the overall integrity of our energy field, which is affected by the electromagnetic radiation, noise and vibration generated by the plane, as well as promoting the ongoing release of any toxic or unwanted energies that we absorb during the flight.
    For external use only.