The Wild Earth Healing Path (part 2)

Excerpt from the September 2010 Newsletter

In our July newsletter we looked at the first three combinations in the Healing Path series: Inner Work, Healthy Anger and Grieving Heart. Once we have had the courage to begin our inner work, deal with emotions such as anger and grief, the next combination Letting Go helps us to release the past and move on with our life. This is the bridge between the old and the new, between suffering and separation on the one hand and unity and communion with God on the other. When we are ready to let go, the memory of the past remains but the emotional charge is gone. Letting Go helps us to give up the small self and embrace the Higher Self.

There are three animal essences in Letting Go. Seal is the essence that tells us that we have done the work and now it is time to trust, surrender, and let things unfold naturally. This is a good essence for people who think they need to work all the time. Dove instils peace in our heart and deepens our connection with Divine peace. Jellyfish is the essence for surrender. We think that we are in control, but the great currents of the Divine are carrying us. Jellyfish helps us surrender with joy.

Gratitude is the next step, after we have let go. We feel grateful that we were able to move through our inner work and let go of our past. We feel grateful to be rid of the suffering and pain of the past. We are grateful for life and for our connection with the Divine. There are three animal essences in Gratitude. Buffalo is a grounding essence that helps us cultivate gratitude for all life. Wild Turkey is the best single essence for gratitude. It helps us be thankful for everything, even what we consider to be negative or bad in our past. Praying Mantis has a unique spiritual quality of devotion. It helps us be aware of our connection with the Divine.

The next step on our healing path is Wild Freedom where we begin to live the life we have always wanted and to experience a life of unbridled joy! The essences in this combination are Wild Horse to keep us open to ourselves and to others, Dolphin for joy, Mallard for taking flight with our new life and Sparrow for letting go of any residual worry about the past or worries about the future. While living the life of our dreams may seem like the end of the journey, it is also the beginning of a new journey.

Communion with God helps us arrive at that point where the personal issues fall away and life becomes about service. This is a new beginning where love and service become all important. The essences in this combination are Dove, to keep us centered at peace in our heart and connected to God, Eagle for keeping the 7th chakra open and our channel to the Divine clear and pure, Tiger for quieting the mind and raising our awareness, Great Blue Heron for serenity, deep peace and feeling our connection with the Divine and Deer to keep us aware of what is happening inside and outside, without judgement, with love.