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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Pisces 20th February - 20th March

(reprinted with permission from the September 2012 edition of The Essence)

PiscesThe most watery of the three water signs is Pisces. On the positive side, water brings sensitivity, compassion and empathy. Pisceans have an abundance of these qualities, which can lead to them becoming emotional and psychic sponges, soaking up the feelings and energies of all those around them. They are ruled by the Roman god Neptune, King of the Oceans, and their symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions.

This issue of wobbly Piscean boundaries is worthy of mention - just visualise a beach, where the ocean meets the shore - where is the definite line where sea ends and land begins? It all melds and merges together. Much the same thing happens with Pisceans and everyone else's auras and thoughts and feelings. As they know, we are all One, we are all connected, what you do to another you do to yourself, (it's all very Sydney Rose). For putting in and maintaining firmer boundaries with others, Flannel Flower can be very useful. Pisceans do have a reputation for being confused and confusing - you might be too if you were a fish out of water, who is prone to taking on everyone else's stuff, and have constantly shifting boundaries on top of it all.

Pisceans have many of the attributes of an old soul - charitable, self sacrificing and wishing to be of service, with a tendency to pursue a more spiritual (as opposed to material) path in life. They are great listeners and are fairly unshockable - so many people use them as confidantes and counsellors. Too much of this can lead to emotional burnout, for which Alpine Mint Bush can be used; it is a wonderful emotional restorative. With their ability to see the big picture and the spiritual perspective in events, Pisceans may give away their personal power; allowing themselves to be abused by others - taking on a victim / martyr mentality or turning the other cheek. Southern Cross is good for all of this, helping to improve their sense of personal empowerment.

There is a leaning towards escapism - the real world can be too harsh for this most sensitive of souls. Daydreaming is one way to escape, as is being ungrounded, unrealistic or foggy in the head. Sundew (found in Emergency Essence) addresses all these traits. Creative pursuits are another means of escape, with many artisans having a strong Piscean influence in their chart. If the creative channel becomes blocked, Turkey Bush can help get their creative juices flowing again.This is a much better alternative than turning to drugs or alcohol, which for Pisceans are a tempting means of escaping reality. Addictive tendencies can be helped with a combination of Monga Waratah, Bauhinia, Bottlebrush, Boronia and Wedding Bush - a theme discussed in the Level 2 workshop.

Traditional astrology teaches that Pisces has an affinity with the feet, lymphatic system and the aura. In mindbody medicine, any problems with the feet would suggest an issue with moving forward, or with your direction. If you are feeling stuck, Red Grevillea is very helpful, while Silver Princess helps you to become clear upon your life direction, and the next steps you need to take upon your journey, particularly if you are feeling aimless or apathetic. Bush Iris has a resonance with the lymphatic system. Angelsword and Fringed Violet assist with keeping the aura intact, so are excellent for psychic protection and for cleansing the energies of others from your own aura. Both are found in Space Clearing Mist, Emergency Essence, Travel Essence and Intensive Hand Cream.

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Five new Petaltone essences

PetaltonePetaltones are a unique range of flower essences that work on multiple levels via evaporation into the chakras and the auric field. They are the creation of David Eastoe, who began making the Petaltone essences in 1992 from English wild flowers that grow in powerful natural settings as well as flowers from the Island of Hawaii. The Petaltone Essences are for external use only.

We are pleased to introduce 5 new Petaltone essences from David Eastoe.

  • Creative helps to structure your energies so that you can create your life, assisting with the relationship between the world of structure and the world of ideas.
  • Source 77 connects you with your full potential at a soul level. This essence works well with Creative. Between them they help connect you with your life's potential.
  • Healing Flame purifies the energies along your central energy column/spine, relieving tensions and freeing up blocked energy.
  • Temple Flame is a clearing and protection essence, that works gently but powerfully via the element of Fire.
  • Violet Silver Angel is a protection essence that uses these two colours to shield your aura against unwanted intrusions.

You can learn more about these essences and how to use them on our Petaltone page. Take advantage of our special offer during the month of March to get acquainted with these remarkable essences.

Workshops with Ian White

Australian Bush Flower EssecesIan White, the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences will return to Paris in June for two workshops.

Saturday 7 June: Workshop Happy Healthy Kids with the bush flower essences.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

The metaphysical aspects of children, why and how they incarnate and why they choose their parents; the new generation of children - the bridging generation; the role of parents to enhance the full development of the child; developmental stages of children from conception to 12 with associated issues.

Sunday 8 June: Workshop Graceful Ageing with the bush flower essences. This new workshop addresses the major life, health and spiritual issues from age 50 onwards. You can't change your chronological age but you can change your biological age and the quality and richness of your life.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

Physical limitation, movement and co-ordination; digestion; sleep; sexuality; spirituality; releasing negative beliefs around your health and longevity; career and retirement.

The workshops will be in English with translation into French. No pre-requisite for attending. For more information see our Courses and Workshops page or contact Nadia Jacquemin.

There is still time to sign up for:

  • The level 1 and level 2 workshops on the Australian Bush Essences with Nadia Jacquemin in March and April
  • The workshops on the Alaskan Essences with Steve Johnson from 14 to 17 March, and
  • The Wild Earth Animal Essences workshops with Daniel Mapel from 4-6 April.

See our Courses and Workshops page for details.

Special Offer

During the month of March take advantage of our 15 % reduction on all Petaltone essences. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

See the article above about the 5 new Petaltone essences and our Petaltone page for information on all of the Petaltone essences and how to use them.