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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Taurus 21st April - 21st May

(reprinted with permission from the June 2010 edition of The Essence)

TaurusTaurus can be equated to the toddler of the zodiac - exploring the physical world and the five senses. The symbol for Taurus is The Bull, and it is always useful to contemplate a Sign's symbol for it gives deep insights into the nature of people born under it. The Bull is slow, steady, strong and hard working, helping to build many a solid structure. He cannot be pushed around with brute force, but can be enticed to go in any direction with food (or the promise of other goodies). Bulls are very patient and even tempered but it is unwise to goad them for then they have the potential to charge and wreak havoc (think of the running of the bulls).

OUT-OF-BALANCE TAUREAN ENERGY Stubborn, pessimistic, materialistic, sluggish, stuck, controlling, possessive, chauvinistic, black and white views.

BALANCED TAUREAN ENERGY Patient, sensual, affectionate, practical, sensible, reliable, strong, tranquil, persevering, grounded, artistic, kind.

Taurus is ruled by Venus who, in ancient Roman mythology, was the Goddess of Beauty, Art, Love and Luxury. Taureans do enjoy the finer things in life, husband their resources well, and fully appreciate all the rewards that hard work and money can bring on a material level. Some also say that Taurus's true ruler is Vulcan, the smithy of the Gods, who could bend steel to his will in his forge - symbolising the Taurean mastery of the material plane. Many an empire builder, architect, sculptor, and style guru has a strong Taurean influence in their chart.

On a physical level, Taurus rules the neck and shoulders of the physical body, as well as the ears, nose and throat. Think again of the bull - how his shoulders and neck are where his strength are and where he pushes into the yoke as he transports enormous loads. It is also where the matador aims in the bull ring. In medical astrology the body part where we hold our greatest strength is also our most vulnerable. Carrying large loads over an extended period of time can leave one feeling tired and burdened. Old Man Banksia addresses these issues beautifully and also balances the thyroid gland, located in the neck. The thyroid gland regulates our metabolism and Taureans are prone to slowed metabolism and all that implies. Bush Fuchsia is also valuable for its balancing effect on the throat area and the ears.

Isopogon is a very important flower for Taurus, for it addresses stubbornness and controlling tendencies, bringing more flexibility. In mind-body medicine, a rigid mind can ultimately lead to a rigid body.

Bush Iris is very high on the list of Essences for Taureans who are the earthiest Earth sign and so very grounded and strongly attached to the material plane. The five senses rule supreme and it is the spiritual lesson of Taurus to see beyond this, which is not always easy for them. Bush Iris opens one up to the sixth sense and the world beyond this physical one. Buddha was a Taurean. Born a prince, his life and philosophy embody this lesson.

Bush Iris is also good for balancing greed, avarice, materialism and overindulgence in physical delights - extreme manifestations of an over attachment to the earth plane.

Along with Autumn Leaves, Lichen and Bottlebrush in Transition Essence, Bush Iris helps the Taurean who is so attached to being here they are having difficulty passing over. Transition is equally valuable for Taureans finding it difficult to let go of a dying loved one because they so need their physical presence here.

Storing toxins and heavy metals can also occur in this Sign, which Wild Potato Bush is especially useful for releasing. It can be taken alone or within the Purifying Essence.

For the potential for depression in this phlegmatic sign, Tall Yellow Top is very useful.

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Flower essences and exams

studyExam time is fast approaching. Flower essences can help students to prepare and successfully take exams. They really make a difference!

Flower essences improve memory, creativity and verbal expression. They help students stay calm while preparing for exams and particularly when taking them. They also protect sensitive students from absorbing the fear and tension of other students. Finally, they can help students have confidence in their capacity to succeed! Visit our "School, studying & exams" page to see which essences can be of help to you or the students in your life during exam time.

Our special offer for the month of May:

10% reduction on all essences listed on our "School, studying and exams" page.

Workshops with Ian White

Ian WhiteIan White, the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences will return to Paris in June for two workshops.

Saturday 7 June: Workshop Happy Healthy Kids with the bush flower essences.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

The metaphysical aspects of children, why and how they incarnate and why they choose their parents; the new generation of children - the bridging generation; the role of parents to enhance the full development of the child; developmental stages of children from conception to 12 with associated issues.

Sunday 8 June: Workshop Graceful Ageing with the bush flower essences. This new workshop addresses the major life, health and spiritual issues from age 50 onwards. You can't change your chronological age but you can change your biological age and the quality and richness of your life.

Among the main topics covered in this one day workshop will be:

Physical limitation, movement and co-ordination; digestion; sleep; sexuality; spirituality; releasing negative beliefs around your health and longevity; career and retirement.

The workshops will be in English with translation into French. No pre-requisite for attending. For more information see our Courses and Workshops page or contact Nadia Jacquemin.

Pictures of Australian Bush Flowers

posterWe now have pictures available of all of the Australian bush flowers on two A4 recto-verso pages. These are in fact smaller versions of the four flower posters, photo quality. The A4 page-sized format makes it easy to view all of the flowers and is also useful for testing.

If you would be interested in these pictures, please send a cheque for 10 euros to Fleurs de Vie, 500 Domaine des Bois, 01170 Echenevex.