School, studying, exams

Flower essences can help children with school work and exams. They increase concentration, focus and self-confidence, and provide protection from stressful environments during examinations.

Flower essences can help students to prepare and successfully take exams. They can make a difference!

Flower essences that help with memory, creativity and verbal expression:

  • Cognis Essence (Australian Bush):
    gives focus and clarity when studying, speaking or reading.
  • Complexe No. 8 - Etudes et examens (DEVA):  
    for focus, concentration, creativity, integration.
  • Cosmos (DEVA), Cosmos (Green Hope Farm), Cosmos (South African):
    to express ideas clearly and easily in public; for integration of ideas and coherent expression.
  • Creative Essence (Australian Bush):
    in case of creative blocks and inhibitions, difficulty expressing feelings ; enhances singing, creative expression, clarity of voice, public speaking.
  • Creativity Essence (South African):
    enables us to access and express our creativity in every aspect of our lives.
  • Easy Learning (Alaskan)
    facilitate all aspects of the learning process for both children and adults.
  • Optimal Learning (Pacific):
    increases mental acuity and helps us to access information with ease.
  • Study Essence (South African):
    to focus the mind and assimilate knowledge ; to harmonise and calm the mind, and improve concentration.

While preparing for exams and particularly when taking them, it is important to stay calm. Here are a few examples of essences that are useful to banish fear, panic and anxiety:

  • Balancer (Pacific):
    for times of stress and mental or emotional overload. It is particularly useful when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.
  • Calm and Clear (Australian Bush):
    to relax regardless of external pressures and demands.
  • Complexe No. 1 - Assistance (DEVA):
    for overcoming difficult and stressful situations in a calm, balanced and centered manner.
  • Crisis Remedy (South African):
    for crisis situations ; shock, panic, anxiety, fear, agitation, illness or dread.
  • Emergency Care (Green Hope Farm):
    for immediate electrical support during any situation of stress or trauma.
  • Emergency Essence (Australian Bush):
    helps ease distress, fear, panic, etc. ; gives the ability to cope with any situation.
  • Pear (Spirit-in-Nature/Master's):
    brings peace of mind, a sense of rhythm and proportion ; for being fully in the present moment ; ability to handle crisis.
  • Saved By The Animals! (Wild Earth Animal Essences):
    nurtures peace and calm, provides emotional and psychic protection, enhances grounding.
  • Soul Support (Alaskan)
    brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress and trauma.
  • Stress Essence (South African)
    when the demands of daily life overwhelm us, for stress, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue or overwork.

It is equally important to protect yourself from absorbing the feelings of fear and tension of the other students in the room when taking exams (this is often what happens when you freeze up and forget everything during an exam):

  • Aura Protect (Crystal Energy):
    provides the grounding and protection necessary to allows us to be who we are without being affected by negative thoughtforms, parasitic energies or the emotions of others.
  • Aura Protection (Terre & Cosmos):
    acts as an effective “protective coat” against aggression. It repairs holes in the aura and is also very useful for dealing with energetic shocks.
  • Auric Protection Essence (South African):
    protects against negativity, psychic attacks and negative thoughtforms.
  • Complexe No. 4 - Protection (DEVA):  
    protects against negativity, helps to protect against disturbing influences in the environement and to overcome insecurity.
  • Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm):
    strong buffering combination essence, especially helpful with protection from discordant sound vibrations ; also protects us from all types of negativity.
  • Guardian (Alaskan)
    creates a powerful forcefield of protection in the aura.
  • Power Shield (Petaltone):
    psychic protection. Effectively clears the aura of negative influences, and builds protection into the energy field.
  • Protection (Wild Earth Animal Essences):
    provides emotional and psychic protection, a sense of personal safety and self-protection.

Finally, it is important to have confidence in your capacity to succeed. If you lack confidence in yourself, try one of the essences below:

  • Bouton d'or (DEVA):
    for those who doubt and under-estimate themselves, who do not appreciate their own worth.
  • Confid (Australian Bush): 
    brings out the positive qualities of self esteem and confidence.
  • Confidence (Fleurs deVie):
    to enhance confidence and self-esteem; it puts us in touch with our intuition, gives us the courage to speak out and express our inner being.
  • Five Corners (Australian Bush):
    enhances love and acceptance of self ; helps to express our true nature, for self-sabotage.
  • Ixia (South African):
    for shyness, timidity ; for those who are introverted, who become tongue-tied and self-absorbed in any social situation.
  • Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature/Master's):
    for those who are self-deprecating, who compare themselves to others, who are dissatisfied with themselves.
  • Supreme Confidence (Wild Earth Animal Essences)
    provides powerful support for acting with confidence, strength, and power.