Newsletter - March 2017

Fleurs de Vie celebrates her 20th birthday! - Pacific Pendants - Gardenia Intensive Hand Cream - Limited Edition - Special Offer

Fleurs de Vie celebrates her 20th birthday!

20 yearsFleurs de Vie was officially registered in March 1997. I had no idea how to start or run a business, having worked for 26 years at an international organization in Geneva. The creation and evolution of Fleurs de Vie has been, and remains, like a second incarnation inside this lifetime.

I am so grateful for all the lessons, encounters, joys and pains that I have experienced during these 20 years! I don't know what the future holds, but we are continuing on our merry way with joy and love in our hearts.

I want to thank all of our clients and loyal friends, all the producers of these fabulous essences that we offer you, my colleagues Martine and Antonia and my husband Juan. Without all of you Fleurs de Vie would not exist and be able to continue its mission of offering a large choice of essences to the European market. We are all different and the essences that suit us are also different. Choice is important for our evolution.

To celebrate Fleurs de Vie's 20th birthday, all internet orders during the month of March will receive a 5 Euro reduction (one per client).

Pacific Pendants

pendantsThe three most popular Pacific combination essences, Abundance, Balancer and Heart Spirit are now available in attractive essence/aromatherapy pendants. Each pendant is made from hand blown sandblasted glass, with a black silk cord. They contain the combination essence with the corresponding essential oil (tangerine with Abundance essence, lavender with Balancer essence and rose with Heart Spirit essence.) It is possible to refill the pendants if the essences evaporate over time.

Abundance pendant
A gentle aromatic reminder that we create our own reality and that we have the power to manifest anything we want. Hand blown sandblasted glass with a black silk cord. Contains Abundance essence and tangerine essential oil.

Balancer pendant
Soothing and calming; helps us to meet all challenges in our daily lives with equanimity. Hand blown sandblasted glass with a black silk cord. Contains Balancer essence and lavender essential oil.

Heart Spirit pendant
Helps us to greet life experience and other beings from the sacred place of our heart centre and erases old heart pain which can be an obstacle to living in love. Hand blown sandblasted glass with a black silk cord. Contains Heart Spirit essence and rose essential oil.

Gardenia Intensive Hand Cream - Limited Edition

GardeniaAs part of its Love System line of cosmetic, Australian Bush has created a limited edition Gardenia Intensive Hand Cream.

This organic hand cream nourishes, regenerates and softens skin and cuticles which are dry, chapped and cracked. Like a velvet glove this cream nourishes, protects and helps you maintain your beautiful hands. An intensive organic treatment for the hands which contains Australian Bush Flower Essences and extracts of unique endemic Australian plants. Use it throughout the day and in the evening before bed.

Available in 50 ml and 20 ml tubes - limited edition.

Special Offer

Clear skyDuring the month of March, and in honor of Fleurs de Vie's 20th anniversary, take advantage of our 20% reduction on the Fleurs de Vie combination essences and sprays. Offer valid through 31 March, for internet orders only.

Clear Sky - space clearing.
Confidence - confidence and self-esteem.
Connecting-up - connection to your higher-self and spiritual realms.
Peace - being at peace with yourself and others.
Subtle Body Balancer - purification, healing and reparation of the subtle bodies.
Winter Shield - to fortify your energetic immunity.