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Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Scorpio 24th October - 22nd November

(reprinted with permission from the December 2011 edition of The Essence)

ScorpioScorpio Scorpio can be equated to the mid life phase, when some people are at the height of their power, while others are going through a mid life crisis. Sometimes the latter is necessary to reach the former! Power and transformation are two keywords for Scorpio.

This sign is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and that gives you a clue right there; this is no lightweight sign. In Greek mythology, Pluto's realm is hidden, where souls reside after leaving this mortal life. He was a powerful God, feared and respected, not to be messed with.

The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion, a creature capable of inflicting intense pain and even death if it stings you; another clue. Scorpios are accustomed to many people taking a step backwards when they reveal their sign; which is why they often won't. Others can be instantly wary (except those with a strong dose of Scorpio in their own chart). Don't be intimidated, you may miss an opportunity to have one of the best friends a person could wish for. Their penetrating gaze can be uncomfortable to the uninitiated; it quickly sees to the truth of the matter but remember this: if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear. Not all Scorpios are inclined to sting, in the balanced Scorpio, it is seldom used, and then, only in a measured way, for a specific purpose.

Scorpios can be highly spiritual, seeking to transform themselves and rise above the material plane - these are referred to as the Eagles. There is another type of Scorpio, the Grey Lizard, who doesn't seem to fit any of the classic descriptions of their sign, leaving you scratching your head. The Phoenix could also be regarded as an apt symbol for Scorpio. Bursting into flames (fire is very cleansing) and rising renewed from the ashes, the Phoenix is a powerful symbol of transformation, appropriate, given that Scorpio energy can be almost alchemical.

Out of balance Scorpio Energy: bitter, unforgiving, vengeful, suspicious, manipulative, ruthless, cruel, bullying, violent, secretive, obsessive, possessive.

Balanced Scorpion Energy: quiet, discreet, composed, strong, assertive, passionate, intuitive, hypnotic, magnetic, spiritual, sympathetic, protective, loyal, determined, persevering, regenerative, transformative.

Like its opposite, Taurus, Scorpio is a power sign, but they will often be the power behind the throne, the trusted advisor or confidante rather than the person up front. It is not that they are shy, in fact they are often very charismatic and can work a room to rival any Leo; they simply don't need the public recognition. They know they run the show and, secure in that knowledge, public accolades and validation aren't required. Remaining in the shadows allows them the privacy they enjoy and enables them to more easily protect their interests and loved ones. Life can be simpler that way.

On a physical level, Scorpio rules the reproductive organs. She Oak or Woman Essence for the ladies and Flannel Flower for the men can help keep these in balance. Scorpios have a reputation for being very passionate lovers; they often love sex and can be enthusiastic users of Sensuality Mist (for its aphrodisiacal effect). If there has been any sexual trauma or promiscuity, the Sexuality combination is very useful.

The large intestine is another part of the body ruled by Scorpio. This is where our body rids itself of the physical waste of digestion; the lymphatic system can also drain toxins into the large bowel. Emotionally and physically the large bowel is where we let go of anything we no longer need and it is important that we do so if we are to avoid becoming toxic. Bottlebrush assists this process. This flower is also good for possessiveness. It is one of the remedies in the Purifying blend.

Boronia is a very important remedy for Scorpios. They can be prone to brooding - stewing on things. Boronia helps to break this circular thought pattern, which is crucial because if it continues it can be the root of resentment or bitterness, for which they will then need Dagger Hakea. Suspicion, paranoia, jealousy and violence can also breed, indicating a need for Mountain Devil. Left unchecked all this may develop into all the very worst aspects of negative Scorpion energy: spite, manipulation, bullying, cruelty and vengefulness. Rough Bluebell can assist with all these, but best avoided in the first place.

No discussion of Scorpio would be complete without mentioning one of their best qualities - loyalty. Although they make dangerous enemies, they also make the very best of friends. Not only will they keep all your secrets safe, they will stick by you through the very worst of times; standing by your side to face down enemies, covering your back, and defending you till their dying breath.

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