Newsletter - February 2015

Animals and Essences - Special Offer

Animals and Essences

Animals are an important part of the lives of many people; they contribute to our emotional health and well-being and are loving companions. We want to give them the best care possible and ensure that they live healthy, well-balanced lives, both emotionally and physically. Flower essences are a marvellous and natural way to help animals live a harmonious and balanced life.

Over the last 20 years a great deal of effort has been placed on understanding the behaviour of animals so that we can treat them with greater respect and give them the loving attention they deserve. Although we say we "own" an animal, for me this means that we accept to be their guardian and to protect them. But they also guard and protect us in many ways, seen and unseen. So I prefer to think of us as friends.

Animals possess thoughts, feelings and emotions which are similar to those experienced by humans, and in many cases mirror the emotional state of their «owners». They help us by absorbing energetically some of our own disharmony when we are stressed, emotionally distraught or physically ill.

Animals also have their own issues such as sadness, timidity, jealousy, fear. Essences can be an effective means of helping them deal with these complex emotions.

Animals have an immediate and very open response to the energetic qualities of flower essences as they are not subject to the placebo effect or the types of doubt or scepticism that are present in humans. While we tend to think of treating only dogs or cats, all animals (wild or domesticated) can greatly benefit from flower essences.

Animals react very quickly to flower essences - often all they need to re-establish balance and harmony is a few doses of an emergency essence like Animal Emergency Care (Green Hope Farm), Animal Care (Alaskan Essences), Balancer (Pacific Essences), Emergency Essence (Australian Bush) or Pear (Spirit-in-Nature). Giving an animal an emergency essence at the first signs of stress, agitation or illness can be a big help.

Green Hope animals logoEnergetic hygiene is just as vital for animals as it is for humans. Animals absorb our negativity and emotions, so it is important to keep their energy field and their environment clean and protected. Unexpected aggression and outbursts of violent behaviour that are out of character may be the result of pent up negativity which the animal discharges through destructive physical activity. Outburst (Green Hope Farm) addresses this issue and helps an animal to discharge negativity in a benign way. Blackberry (Spirit-in-Nature) and Spinach (Spirit-in-Nature) help purify animals who absorb negativity from their "owners". Any of the purification and cleansing essences used for humans can also be used for animals. Particularly sensitive animals or those living in a perturbed environment benefit from Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm) which is an effective protection from sound, electro-magnetic, astral and emotional pollution. Space clearing essences such as Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie), Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush), or Purification Spray (Alaskan Essences) will be beneficial to both you and your animals.

Logo Pacific animalsWhile all essences can be used for animals, there are two essence ranges developed specifically with animals in mind. These are the Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection and the Pacific Essences for Animals. You can find brochures on both of these essence ranges from the download page of our website. We have 2 books in English specifically on animals: Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences and Flower Essences for Animals: remedies for helping the pets you love.

During the course of 2015 our newsletter will feature many articles covering different aspects of essences and animals which we hope you will find both interesting and useful.

Special Offer

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