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Spirit in Nature essences for children

flower childThis month we highlight the Spirit in Nature essences and how useful they are for children. A therapist once told me that she used these essences above all others when treating children; for her the essences seemed to sing a healing harmony that was particularly suited to little ones. Spirit in Nature (formerly Masters Flower Essences) is the oldest flower essence range after the Bach Flowers. It is composed of 20 essences prepared in the traditional method.

To help familiarise yourself with these essences, here are the descriptions as they relate to children.

Almond Self-control, including control of sexual energies, calmness, for excessive behaviour; restlessness; beneficial to pre-teens.

Apple Healthfulness; for cultivating healthy attitudes; may be administered during illness or when the thought of illness is present; for periods of discouragement or lethargy.

Avocado Good memory; for the child who forgets his chores, manners, or personal habits; helps with school work; sharpens concentration; for children who have trouble paying attention; for learning musical instruments or undertaking creative endeavours. A good essence to take before exams.

Banana Humility, calmness, for the child who needs to centre his attention less on himself and more on family and friends. For "the bully".

Blackberry Purity of thought; for the "terrible two's"; and for children who have been exposed to harmful movies and television programmes; for negative attitudes.

Cherry Cheerfulness; for the child prone to moods or periods of withdrawal; for times of sadness or disappointment; helps heal the trauma of divorce, imminent or past; for bed-wetting.

Coconut Uplifting, helps a child deal with sibling rivalry, for times of challenge or struggle in school or in group dynamics, helps develop maturity and the ability to make better choices in life, especially in difficult situations.

Corn Mental vitality; for new beginnings: a new school year, moving to a new location, making new friends; for encouragement and a burst of energy; for "the study blahs", unwillingness, procrastination.

Date Sweetness, tenderness; for the child with a sour disposition who is overly critical or judgemental of others; for the child who finds fault with others (siblings especially); for whining, clinging children.

Fig Flexibility; for the child who is too hard on himself or tries too hard; for being unsatisfied with accomplishments even when they are noteworthy; for the ability to see many sides of an issue; for training of any kind; for nail-biting and thumb-sucking.

Grape For love, a remedy for any attitude which is not loving, for stubborn, self-willed moods, jealousy; for the tattle tale, for tantrums; for the child who dominates others; for children who have been abandoned or abused.

Lettuce Calmness, helps children when they are too "wound up" to play constructively, sleeplessness for parents and children (especially with new-born). For stage-fright in school plays or standing up in front of a class.

Orange Joy; banishes melancholy, dispels dark moods, discontentment, helpful during teething, good for emotional issues connected with any accidents to the head; for abuse issues.

Peach Selflessness, concern for the welfare of others, excellent for the weaning process, promotes a sense of sharing and cooperation with other children.

Pear Peacefulness; emergency essence for accidents, sudden illness, or any crisis situation, helps with toilet training, facilitates the learning of positive new habits, for children who have a hard time listening in school or to their parents, for fidgety, restless energy. One of the best essences for birth trauma.

Pineapple Self-assurance, helps to "untie the apron strings", for the child who has been singled out by peers for being smaller, larger or in some way different, for the child who is painfully shy.

Raspberry Kind-heartedness, for the child who lashes out without apparent reason, for the child who hurts others or is easily hurt, for over-sensitivity, promotes a giving nature.

Spinach Simplicity, for the child who is prematurely grown-up or overly-serious, for times of stress, exhaustion, overwork, for those situations in which a child feels distraught or overwhelmed. For overcoming a dysfunctional background.

Strawberry Dignity, for the child who has trouble letting go of being a baby, for a deep sense of self-worth, helps with clarity of self-image, for the child dealing with divorce or separation of parents.

Tomato Strength, courage, helps to dissolve fears, for children who suffer from nightmares, for overwhelming fear of performance; breaking bad habits; helps children to move forward in their lives when they are anxious, nervous or unwilling.

Back to school essences

busThe start of the school year is always a time of change, whether it is just adjusting to new classes or actually moving to a new school.

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