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Sweetness, tenderness; to correct a judgemental, overly-critical nature; acceptance and tolerance of others; for loneliness, meaninglessness, and boredom.

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Quality: Sweetness, tenderness

Negative Pattern: judgmental and critical of others; intolerant; easily irritated; unpleasant to be around; inhospitable.

Positive outcome: Sensitive to others' feelings; discriminating; receptive; open-minded; easy to talk to; hospitable; self-nurturing.

Date Essence gives out a warmth and amiability that draws people to us. Date also enhances tenderness, and enables us to relate to others with unconditional love and a non-judgemental attitude. Date assists those with a narrow attitude: who are egocentric, or who view everything in relation to themselves. It is said that those who crave sweets actually desire more sweetness in their own lives. Date Essence reminds us that we need not dip into the cookie jar for what we feel is lacking; the sweetness we seek through rich desserts is to be found within our own nature.

Use with animals: sweetness, tenderness; animals who are crabby, irritable or irritating; for the pet who picks on other animals.
  • Essence type : flower essence
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Size : 15ml dropper bottle

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