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Dignity; self-confidence, self-worth; self-esteem; clearing guilt; strength of character; centeredness and grounding.
Keyword: Dignity

Negative Pattern: Guilt-ridden; low self-worth; ungrounded; unsure of self; for psychic oversensitivity.

Positive Outcome: Positive sense of self and self-worth; grounded; reliable; for releasing a dysfunctional childhood; gracefulness; being fully present and comfortable in one's body.

Strawberry is especially helpful during times of transition, for these are the times when we are more likely to doubt ourselves (puberty, menopause, divorce etc) It helps us to remain present in the moment and to realize that all our needs are met from within ourselves, thus banishing all sense of lack.. It is an essence for dealing with self-blame, feelings of inadequacy, and guilt, including issues of sexuality. Strawberry is also excellent remedy for freeing us from deeply grained, hurtful patterns which are passed on in dysfunctional families.

This is a key essence for grounding, centering, and feeling integrated in our body (particularly useful during adolescence). It is helpful for children and adults who tend to be spacy, dreamy, or irresponsible. It strengthens those who are psychically oversensitive to the energies of others.

Use with animals: dignity; for grounding; self-worth issues imparted by the owner; animals nearing their own passing; stability; for lengthy or debilitating illness.

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flower essence
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Fragaria chiloensis
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