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To banish melancholia; upward flow of energy; for depression, and a lackluster attitude; for awakening great joy.
Keyword: Joy

Negative Pattern: Hopelessness; despair; self-pity; for past or present abuse issues-physical, emotional, or sexual; apathy.

Positive Outcome: Hope; renewed interest in life; banishing melancholy; resolution of conflict; lightness; emotional integration; for the power to endure difficulties.

Orange is the essence of choice for those heavier-than-Cherry moods or chronic depression. Orange embodies the vibration of not giving up, or giving in, no matter how convincing the case in favor of depression. The negative Cherry state may be likened to waking up on the wrong side of the bed; negative Orange is more like waking up on the wrong side of your life. Orange is helpful for long-standing problems-or long- term, counterproductive attitudes in dealing with those problems.

We may have suffered serious abuse at the hands of the ignorant or the cruel. But our lesson is to learn kindness from the unkindness of others, and to move forward with hope. Orange Essence represents the joy of living, of loving, and of letting go. It brings us more perfectly into alignment with our own highest potential.

Use with animals: joy; loss of interest in life; listlessness; grieving the loss of a close companion; suffering or emotional struggle; also for past abuse; pets with a history of multiple homes; adapting to life indoors; pets who have been declawed, debarked or otherwise unnaturally altered.

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flower essence
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Citrus × sinensis
15ml dropper bottle

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