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Healthfulness; for the consciousness of health; vitality, energy, joy for fear of illness; for periods of discouragement, lethargy and doubt.

Keyword: Healthfulness

Negative Pattern: Fear of illness; hypochondria; repeated toxic emotions such as anger, jealousy, and fear; a sense of physical or emotional vulnerability.
Positive Outcome: Good health; positive thoughts; hope; motivation to take better care of oneself.

Apple Essence aids in dissolving attitudes which prevent true healing. 'Apple reveals an understanding of the importance of health on all levels: health-promoting exercise, diet, and living habits, as well as the avoidance of negative emotions and attitudes which poison our general well-being. Other times to take Apple Essence include periods of worry, doubt, or indecision. All of these stressful states subtly drain us of energy, leaving us open to illness. Apple is also indicated for recovery periods following surgery, illness, or accidents-or any time we are wanting to regain the subtle balance between the body and mind.

Apple deals directly with the law of magnetism. When we live in mental and physical health, we draw to ourselves more of the same. And when we live in fear of disease and debility, we draw exactly that.

Use with animals: healthfulness; for a healthier attitude; for illness, accidents, surgery; picking up health-related fears, worry or doubt from owner; pets with chronic health problems.

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flower essence
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Pyrus malus
15ml dropper bottle

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