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Calmness; stills excited emotions; for people who are highly creative; for inner quietude before, during and after the storms of life; “The unruffler”.
Keyword: Calmness

Negative Pattern: Restless; mind filled with too many thoughts; inability to concentrate; overly excited and emotional; angry; nervous; unable to make decisions.

Positive outcome: Inner calm; clarity; concentration; creative expression; success in undertakings; decisiveness; ability to speak one's truth.

Lettuce brings strength, wholeness, and balance through the simple quality of calmness. Calmness does not mean laziness but rather an abundance of energy. Pure energy, when focused, is calm. When we attain a state of calm, both in mind and body, we are able to accomplish the tasks before us, improve our relationships through clear and sincere communication, and realize our creative potential.

Use with animals: calmness; for restless energy, poor attention span; good for younger animals; for pets who get wound up, especially with newcomers to the household; for anger.

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flower essence
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Lactuca compositae
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