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Kind-heartedness; for forgiveness and a sympathetic nature; for over-sensitivity and getting over old hurts.
Keyword: Kindheartedness

Negative Pattern: Easily hurt; resentful; bitter; insensitive; lacking understanding; blaming others, victim attitude.

Positive Outcome: Kindness; compassion; taking responsibility for one's actions; sensitivity; generosity; for releasing wounds; forgiveness.

Raspberry is an essence for the nineties, with its feminine gentleness and compassionate nurturing which are so needed in the world today. Raspberry helps us to be both forgiving and compassionate to master the ability to transmute negative and harmful emotions. Raspberry acts like a vibrational salve for the wounds of the heart. The healing professions abound with individuals strong in Raspberry-like qualities, simply because their own past pains have taught them great compassion. Raspberry is also useful when a relationship is ending to help ensure a peaceful separation with a minimum of emotional scarring for all concerned.

Raspberry is a vital essence for emotional well-being, by choosing to let go of past hurts, we embrace health. By being compassionate instead of holding onto our pain we become whole in ways which allow us to help others in their quest for wholeness.

Use with animals: kindheartedness; animals who hold grudges, sometimes species-related; for spraying or soiling, specifically if hurt feelings are suspected as the cause; difficulty integrating with newer animals in the home.

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flower essence
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Rubus strigosus
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