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Cheerfulness; for optimism, even-mindedness through life's ups and downs; moodiness; ""The Emotional Lightener"".-
Keyword: Cheerfulness

Negative Pattern: Mood swings; grumpiness; fault-finding; contrary; ornery; feeling slightly out of control; negative, pessimistic, unhappy.
Positive outcome: Light-hearted; optimistic; inspiration to others; seeing the good in everything; positive; the ability to make light of difficulties; evenmindedness.

Cherry Essence helps us to see the good in people and things, to smile more, to leave our worries behind. Without moods clouding the mind, we can attain a state of evenmindedness and emotional detachment. The main issue is choice, we can choose to be happy or unhappy.
The message of Cherry, is that life is what we make it.

Use with animals: cheerfulness; for moods; grumpy or ornery behavior (Note: be sure to rule out possible medical causes); for previously abused animals.

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flower essence
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Prunus avium
15ml dropper bottle

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