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Astrology - Essences for the summer - Special Offer

Astrology and Bush Flower Essences

Cancer 22nd June - 23rd July

(reprinted with permission from the December 2010 edition of The Essence)

CancerThe symbol for Cancer is the Crab and it depicts very well many of the qualities of those born under its sign. Crabs have a very hard shell to protect their soft interior; this is true of both the animal and Cancerian sun signs.

Sensitive is a key word to bear in mind for these folk. Cancerians will pick up subtleties of mood, body language and tone of voice not always evident to the more boisterous signs. They are intuitive and easily hurt. Hence the need for a protective shell around them.

Another physical characteristic of the crab is their claws. If a crab grabs hold of you it is not an easy task to shake them loose - their grip is both strong and tenacious. Possessiveness, hoarding and living in the past can be a negative expression of Cancerian energy, but on the positive this same energy is steadiness and wise husbandry of resources. It is all about balance, and letting go of the old is a major spiritual lesson for this sign. Hopefully without the need to lose a 'nipper' in the process!

Crabs are quite shy, and scurry back into their shell or into their hole when they feel threatened. It is where they feel most comfortable and safe. Some crabs are quite adventurous - hermit crabs enjoy travelling across long distances and exploring new places - but they carry their home right along with them. Home is very important to crabs and Cancerians and a lack of a secure home will be a source of major stress.

Finally, crabs live in water - the element of the emotions - and in Cancer we see an exploration of the emotional life. Cancerians are in touch with their emotions and the emotions of others and make wonderful confidantes, counsellors and listeners. Cancerians are the nurturers of the zodiac - often natural mothers and very comfortable keeping the home fires burning. If they reject a traditional wife/stay-at-home mother role, they will often choose a career that involves caring for others - nursing, hospitality, personal assistant, interior design, feng shui or counselling; something which enables them to make the living spaces of others 'feel good' or which entails assisting others with their emotional or personal care.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, considered a feminine energy by most cultures both ancient and modern. Cancerians are often accused of being 'moody'. Is it any wonder with such a potent and ever changing ruling planet? The solution - Peach-flowered Tea tree - perfect for mood swings. Its Doctrine of Signatures is of a flower constantly changing too, so it is really a case of like curing like.

Cancerians will often be drawn to roles which entail caring for others in some way, it is just part of their nature. It is therefore very important that they take care to nurture themselves (not just others). Alpine Mint Bush is the perfect flower to remind them to do so, and it is also the most appropriate remedy should they forget to and end up suffering from emotional burnout. It is a very nurturing, restorative essence on an emotional level.

Their emotional and psychic sensitivity can be both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness and there are some very good flowers to help ensure this remains a blessing rather than a curse. Regular doses of both Fringed Violet and Angelsword will cleanse unwanted and old psychic energies, and help maintain the integrity of the aura. In practical terms, this means Cancerians can be assured that what they are feeling is their own emotions, not that of others.

Illawarra Flame Tree is very good for any feelings of rejection (which Cancerians will feel very deeply), while Tall Yellow Top is almost a constitutional remedy for any feelings of isolation, abandonment, disconnection from their 'tribe' or depression. As for the tendency to pine and brood, especially when separated from loved ones, Boronia is wonderful.

On a physical level, Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, uterus and ovaries. Crowea is a good supporting remedy for both stomach and uterus, She Oak for the ovaries, and Bottlebrush for the breasts.

Bottlebrush is a flower essence Cancerians can almost live on, because it helps one to let go - the spiritual lesson for this sign. Apart from that it is very good for facilitating the mother-child bond - crucial for this sign, to whom family is so important.

An out-of-balance Cancerian is prone to anxiety and worry, with Crowea the remedy of choice. If these emotions are left unaddressed over a period of time they filter down to create stomach problems.The mind-body connection is very evident with this sign, and illustrates really well how flower essences can be used very effectively as preventative medicines.

Copyright Linn Wiggins

Essences for the summer

If you are travelling this summer, think of using one or more of the travel essences which can help not only with jet lag but also with re-establishing a sense of personal space when you are confined in crowded areas such airplanes or trains (or even car) for long periods.

Australian Bush Essences: Travel Essence, Travel Mist, Travel Cream

Alaskan Essences: Travel Ease, Travel Ease Spray

South African Essences: Travel Essence.

If you will be out in the sun, think of using Solaris to prevent or treat sun burn or over-exposure to the sun.

When we go on vacation some of us find it hard to relax and unwind. Essences that can be useful are: Rest and Relax from Wild Earth and Calm and Clear Essence from Australian Bush.

Personally I find summer a good time to re-connect with my inner self as well as my Higher Self. Not only are things a bit less hectic, but the fact that the sun rises so early means that I am often "called" out of bed in the very early morning when all is quiet and communication seems to flow more smoothly. Here are some essences that you might find beneficial:

Connecting up (Fleurs de Vie) - to connect to our Higher Self and the spiritual realms.

Angelsword (Australian Bush) - releases interference with true spiritual connection to Higher Self.

Higher Self Essence (White Light Essences) - allows you to align with and access your Higher Self.

Lotus (South Africa) or Lotus (Deva) - facilitates contact with the Higher Self and Soul. It brings ineffable joy, allowing one to access one's destiny and find the treasures of one's Real Self and of one's Soul and Spirit.

Passiflore (Deva) or Passion Flower (Green Hope Farm) - encourages opening to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Among the Wild Earth Animal Essences Jaguar, Great Blue Heron and Snow Leopard foster spiritual connection and a deep sense of spiritual unity.

Wild Jasmine (South African) - works through the heart chakra, awakening the sense of self-love which is essential for a relationship with the Higher Self and the spiritual realms.

Shasta Daisy (South African) - integrates the lower self with the Higher Self and brings a sense of wholeness and spiritual identity.

Coquelicot de Californie (Deva) - Helps identify one's spiritual path by developing intuition, listening to one's inner voice.

Among the Crystal Energy Essences, Lepidolite works through the crown chakra, allowing us the possibility of experiencing our Divine connection with the Universe; Ruby Zoisite helps us to turn inward to hear the voice of our heart and our highest guidance; Silver facilitates communication with our Higher Self and the spiritual realms; and Diamond purifies the 6th chakra and links it with the 7th chakra, aligning discernment with Higher Guidance.

Special Offer

South African EssencesDuring the month of July take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the 18 combination essences in the South African Flower Essence range. Good for internet orders only, while stocks last.

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Jannet believes that flower essences are a powerful tool of self-transformation and spiritual evolution. They act as catalysts, helping to raise levels of awareness and eliminating blockages that prevent the free flow of energy in the physical and subtle bodies. There are 151 flower essences and 18 combination essences in the range.

Each combination essence is a special blend of 7 individual essences. Some of the most popular combinations include: Abundance Essence, Auric Protection Essence, Crisis Remedy, Inner Child Essence, Separation Essence and Stress Essence. Click here to see the whole range of the 18 South African combination essences.