Passion Flower

Passion Flower

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Christ Consciousness, spiritual awakening, conscious link to God self, release of tensions. -- Bermuda Essence --

Passion Flower breaks the mold when it comes to how it works as a Flower Essence. Most Essences follow a long, complex path through our energy system in order to do their work. Passion Flower connects directly with our God selves and helps us to do likewise. The effect on our systems is a relaxing of all tensions, as if all the puzzle pieces are sliding effortlessly into place. Passion Flower promotes a return to a place of Christ Consciousness. It helps us move towards Oneness with our eternal God self. Passion Flower gives us this spiritual awakening in a balanced integrated way so that we do not get spaced out, disoriented, or overwhelmed. A state of Union with God is our birthright and Passion Flower knows it.

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