The Wild Earth Healing Path (part 1)

Excerpt from the July 2010 Newsletter

During the level 2 seminar in Paris, Daniel Mapel talked extensively about his Healing Path Essences which help us to move from suffering to joy and freedom and finally to union with the Divine. Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to stop looking outward and to look inward at our wounds, whether they be recent or from our distant past. The three key essences to starting this process are Inner Inner Work, Healthy Anger and Grieving Heart.

Inner Work helps us to have the courage and strength to do the work, even if we don’t want to. It is about allowing our feelings to come out. This combination essence contains two of the Wild Child essences: Lion Cub helps our inner child to feel strong, courageous and capable and Elephant Calf helps us to feel safe, supported and cared for, even if we felt abandoned and alone as a child. Both these essences encourage us to feel and express the feelings that have been repressed. The third essence in Inner Work is Hippopotamus. The larger the land mammal, the deeper the quality of grounding. Hippo provides good grounding, but it is also a water animal, with water representing the emotions. So it is the integration of being grounded and feeling deeply. Raccoon helps us unmask the truth, see things as they are and come out of denial. And finally Bat helps us navigate through the darkness in our inner work – to face our shadow and what we prefer to keep hidden.

Once we start our inner work one emotion that often arises is anger. This anger needs to be expressed, but in healthy ways. Healthy Anger helps us do just that. Many people grew up in families where anger was completely suppressed or where it was expressed in violent ways. Anger is not bad, it is a natural emotion and one that we use to say “no”, to draw our boundaries. There are two animal essences in Healthy Anger: Badger helps us establish a harmonious relationship with our anger and Gazelle to feel emotionally safe and know that it is ok to be vulnerable.

The other emotions that often arise when we begin our inner work are grief and sadness. Grieving Heart helps us to “empty our well of sadness” and cry. Crying is our own natural purification system, helping us to embrace and release our wounds. The three animal essences in Grieving Heart are Hippopotamus for feeling deeply and expressing our emotions, Wild Horse that is a tonic for the heart chakra and a balm for the broken heart and Gazelle to feel safe while grieving.

Daniel recommends taking Inner Work and adding Healthy Anger and or Grieving Heart when appropriate. You can also choose to take the essence that supports where you are on your healing path. We will look at the rest of the Healing Path Essences in the September newsletter.