Newsletter - September 2016

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Pacific Meridian Tree Essences

treeTrees are essential to our human survival on planet earth. One of the most important functions of trees is Photosynthesis, a process in which plants and other organisms use sunlight and water to convert CO2 (carbon dioxide) into O2 (oxygen). Trees are great balancing agents, playing the key role in the process of maintaining the balance between CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere. Trees play the critical role in the homeostasis of Mother Earth and survival of all living things.

In the new Pacific Essences kit of Tree essences there is one essence for each meridian in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In TCM trees are from the Wood element, where we find the unfolding of the journey of each human incarnation. Trees are rooted in earth and seek the lightness of heaven. Or emerge from heaven and are rooted in earth. Either way you look at it, trees are a marriage between heaven and earth and support us to manifest heaven on earth in our daily lives and on our life path or to ground the energy of heaven on earth.

Nourishing to the body by knowing what to use and what to discard; emergencies especially bleeding emergencies; cultivates gentleness and gentle knowing of what to do and how to respond.
Meridian - Small Intestine

Explosion of sensuality; ability to express oneself clearly without having to be direct like the communication between lovers where just a glance expresses clearly what is felt; elusive subtle energy emanating from the heart of every unique consciousness
Meridian - Heart Protector

Copper Beech
Shimmering shifting light communicating; laughter; alchemical shifts at a cellular level; gracious, undemanding and forgiving; just shows up and connects the whole.
Meridian - Triple Warmer

Taking care of our hearts so that our hearts will take care of us; cultivating the innate intelligence of the heart which is capable of healing the mind; becoming the peaceful warrior where we become able to dismiss and delete toxic and volatile emotions and judgements.
Meridian - Heart

Cleansing and nourishing; celebration of embodiment; mobility and dexterity; balancing rest and activity for optimal well being; promoting restful altered states.
Meridian - Kidney

Garry Oak
Hope for the future; wise and efficient use of resources; tolerance and acceptance of physical and cultural anomalies and differences; embracing and embodying the 'law of allowing".
Meridian - Bladder

Self knowledge and ability to know and to stay on purpose - our own unique life purpose; ability to create and to set boundaries so that anything that is not in alignment with our soul purpose is avoided and no energy is wasted on red herrings without utility to our goal.
Meridian - gall bladder

Defensiveness and protection; comes forth to re-calibrate the biorhythms of Mother Earth after shock and trauma; power vs force; wu wei; ability to access and to use instinct.
Meridian - lung

Trusting, beautiful, self-sufficient, vigorous; durable; exuberant expression of potential.
Meridian - liver

Pacific Yew
Fortifies innate intelligence at a cell level and optimises defence against invaders; medicinal for the Body/Mind; self help and recovery from life threatening situations.
Meridian - stomach

Sitka spruce
Shimmering luminescent protection; head and heart expansion; connection to ancestors and ancestral wisdom; respect for All That Is.
Meridian - large intestine

Sweet, fresh, rejuvenating; dreams, dreamtime and imagination; gentle guidance and prompt help from ability to tap into intuition.
Meridian - Spleen


logoWe are happy to announce our new YouTube Channel Fleurs de Vie - Elixirs Floraux.

There are several essence producers who are posting videos about their essences. You may or may not be aware of them. They are, however, almost all in English. We think that many of our French-speaking clients will be interested in watching them, so on our YouTube channel you will find videos with French sub-titles. This has been particularly challenging for me as I have had to learn new skills, but with perseverance, help from my webmaster, and taking lots of essences, I am happy to present you with the first three videos. The plan is to include one or two new videos every month.

We have posted two videos on Balancer (Pacific Essences). Balancer is one of the best emergency-type essences that we have. The first video is about how Balancer was discovered. It is also interesting as Sabina Pettitt gives insight into the early days of Pacific Essences in the 1980s. In the second video Sabina talks about her meeting with a Japanese chemist who invented a machine for testing the vibration of food and other substances, including essences.

The third video we have posted is an introduction to the Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White.

Testing List

You will find a new, updated testing list on our website, containing all the new essences that have been introduced in the last two years. This list is very useful for selecting essences for yourself, your family or your clients. We hope to have an updated catalogue available within the next month or two...

Wild Earth Animal Essences

pawDaniel Mapel will give a workshop in Paris on 19-20 November.
For more information please contact: Art'Stella
Tel / Fax : 01 42 71 11 78


Special Offer

logoDuring the month of September take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the 12 Alaskan Combination Formulas. Valid for internet orders only, while stocks last.

These are unique blends of the Alaskan flower, gem and environmental essences. They possess a special co-creative synergy that is only possible when healing energies from the flower, mineral and elemental kingdoms are combined through focused intention. These formulas were born out of many years of research, observation and feedback received from clients and therapists around the world.

The combination essences are: Animal Care, Beyond Words, Calling all Angels, Easy Learning, Fireweed Combo, Go-create, Guardian, Lighten-up, Pregnancy Support, Purification, Soul Support, and Travel Ease.