The importance of grounding

Excerpt from the April 2013 Newsletter

I recently attended Steve Johnson’s workshop on creating an abundant life.

As always, it was a pleasure to see Steve, listen to what he had to say and get better acquainted with the Alaskan Essences. I would like to share with you one element of the workshop that is particularly relevant to many of us: grounding.

Grounding is more than just being in your body. It is so much more. And being properly grounded allows us to be more focussed, more connected, more protected and helps us to manifest the life we desire. So what is grounding? It is:

  • bringing your consciousness into your body (not floating around over your head or elsewhere)
  • having a strong connection to the Earth
  • establishing a grounding cycle where energy flows from you to the Earth and from the Earth back to you
  • being grounded on all levels of your Being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Many people think that creativity comes from a connection with the “higher realms”, but the realisation of the creative potential can only manifest through a strong connection to the Earth.

Malachite is the best grounding essence in the Alaskan range. We often think of grounding as affecting only the physical body but it is equally important to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually grounded as well so that these aspects are aligned and not working at cross purposes. Malachite works to align (or realign) the subtle bodies, grounding and strengthening the union between all of them. This greatly facilitates the manifestation of our desires.

Green Bells of Ireland helps us make a conscious connection between our personal energy field and the energy field of the Earth. It is helpful for those who live in their heads instead of their hearts.

Grove Sandwort strengthens the energetic bonds of communication between the Earth and her inhabitants. This makes it easier for people to receive support and nurturing from the feminine energies of the Earth as part of the grounding cycle.

Ruby cleanses, balances, and energises the 1st chakra; opens the lower chakras to a stronger two-way flow of life force energy from the Earth. It helps ground spiritual and mental energy into the physical body.

Green Jasper helps bring Earth energy up into the body through the chakras in our feet and the first chakra, all the way to the heart chakra. It reminds us to enjoy our physical body. Steve called this essence “grounding through pleasure”.

Other Alaskan essences that help us to ground include: Fireweed, Fireweed Combo, Azurite, Brazilian Quartz, Bloodstone and Rhodolite Garnet.