Newsletter Octobre 2016

Caring for your animals - Repertory of Pacific Essences - Video of the month - Healing Path workshop with Daniel Mapel - Internet payment system - Special Offer 

Caring for your animals

animalsFlower essences can be a great way to relate to and care for your animals. I have three dogs, two older dogs (10 and 11 years old) and a 5 year old. As part of our daily routine, I test the dogs and myself every morning before breakfast to see what needs balancing, if anything. To do this I keep the Pacific Essences Animal Emergency Kit in the kitchen (Balancer Spray and the 5 element sprays - earth, wood, fire, metal, water). I test each of us, starting with myself, for each essence. If I need anything, I spray the essence into my mouth and if one of the dogs needs an essence I spray it on their back. This helps me identify any possible imbalances to watch for and helps us all get a good start to the day.

I also try to be aware of anything that the dogs might pick up from me or any visitors. We like to think that we take care of our animals, but they also take care of us, absorbing our energies and emotions. For my dogs, this includes "helping" friends or family who come to visit. So I regularly use cleansing essences such as Outburst (Green Hope Farm), Purification (Alaska), Astral Clear (Petaltone) as well as protection essences such as Golden Armor (Green Hope Farm), or Guardian (Alaska). Sometimes our illnesses mirror each other and one or the other of my dogs will have digestive problems when my husband or I are also dealing with these issues. I don't know if we are picking it up from them or if they are picking it up from us. In any case, essences such as Digestive Woes, Flow Free and Immune Support (Green Hope Farm) are taken by animals and humans alike.

When an animal in your care is ill, don't just assume that this illness has nothing to do with you. See if he or she is somehow reflecting a recent stress or upheaval in your life. It may be a good idea to take essences yourself, as well as finding the appropriate essences for your animal friend. Taking care of yourself enables you to take better care of others.

Repertory of Pacific Essences

pacI am happy to announce that after several years of efforts, we have finally received permission to post the Repertory of Pacific Essences on our website, in English and French. I have often consulted this repertory on the Canadian site and I have found it very useful. Sabina has incorporated lots of information on the essences and their usage. You can read through the repertory as it is presented in alphabetical order, or you can use the search function, searching by meridian, chakra or key word.

Here is the link for the Repertory. You can find it on the left-hand navigation bar at the bottom of the section "Using the Essences".

Video of the month

fdvCheck out our YouTube channel for the latest video. This month we have posted a video of Daniel Mapel, creator of the Wild Earth Animal Essences. Taken during a workshop in the UK, Daniel explains the combination Saved by the Animals, which is the Wild Earth version of Rescue Remedy. We would like to thank Healthlines in the UK for making this video available.


Healing Path workshop with Daniel Mapel

danielThis autumn Daniel will be in Paris for an experiential workshop of connection with the gifts of wild animals in order to move forward on the path of healing. There will be guided meditations, working directly with the Wild Earth Animal Essences, including the Healing Path essences, as well as working with samples of the new "Healing Path Cards" which will be published in French in early 2017. Daniel will introduce us to a gentle way of working through unresolved emotional issues from the recent or distant past, and support us in taking steps of growth and transformation on our healing journeys. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to deeply connect with the wisdom of animals of their choice and receive specific guidance for their lives.

Dates: 19 and 20 November
Place: Limeil Brevannes (Paris suburb - RER A)
Price : 250 €

The workshop will be in English with translation into French.

To attend or for more information, contact: Art'Stella
66 avenue de St Mandé 75012 Paris
Tél / Fax : 01 42 71 11 78

Internet payment system

caWe have installed a new payment system on our website, so don't be worried if things look different when you place an order. In addition to the usual methods of payment (cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard) you can also pay with Maestro, which should be of interest to our Swiss clients. Also the 3D-Secure will only be requested for payments over 100 Euros. Under certain conditions, we will also be able to offer payment in 3 instalments for orders over 400 Euros.

Special Offer

sand dollarDuring the month of October take advantage of our special offer of 15% reduction on the 24 Pacific Sea Essences.

Sabina Pettitt made her first sea essence, Sand Dollar, in 1985. The story behind this and the creation of the sea essences, from the first kit of 12 (where there is a sea essence for each meridian) to the second kit of 12 which contains more sea creatures, large mammals like dolphin, whale and sea turtle, can be read in Sabina's book Energy Medicine: Healing from the Kingdoms of Nature.

The sea essences are dynamic and act quickly and help us to flow with inner strength and knowingness. If you have made the acquaintance of these wonderful essences, please take advantage of our special offer to do so now.