Newsletter May 2016

Inner Dog Essences - Flower Essences and Exams - Special Offer

Inner Dog Essences

waeWe are happy to present Daniel Mapel's new Inner Dog Essences which comprise 6 individual essences and 1 combination essences. These domestic dog essences are for people and animals.

Inner Dog Essences have been created to allow you to receive and be nurtured by many of the amazing energies and gifts of domestic dogs. These unique formulas provide powerful support for experiencing the wisdom and wonder that dogs offer us. Each Inner Dog Essence offers a unique way of connecting with the gifts that dogs embody, including unconditional love, joy, exuberance, simplicity, loyalty, presence, and so much more. These essences support us to connect with our deepest, loving, playful, living-life-full-on selves, and allow us to feel and express more joy, love, and delight in our lives.

Retriever / Joy & Play
Provides powerful support for experiencing the joy and exuberance of being alive. Supports feelings of playfulness, bouncing joy, and childlike delight. "Let's Go and Play!" For living every moment with gusto and joy. Supports one in doing repetitive tasks with happiness and delight instead of boredom or distaste.

Mutt / Unconditional Love
Provides powerful support for opening the heart and feeling and expressing unconditional love. Nurtures our ability to be more loving with ourselves and others. Supports one in expressing affection. Nurtures the ability to live from your gentle, loving heart and share your love with the world in your unique way.

Terrier / Simplicity & Joy
Provides powerful support for experiencing the simplicity and joy of the present moment. For letting go of the busy mind and just appreciating what is around you. Everything is so simple, really! Nurtures life as an easy journey of joy and happiness. For letting go of the complexity of life and revelling in the simple joys of being alive.

Working Dog / "Let's Go To Work!"
Provides powerful support for jumping into the world of work with delight, playfulness, and glee! Provides stamina and commitment for staying on track and accomplishing great things with focus and joy. Supports one in finding work that truly matches one's spiritual journey and life purpose. For experiencing work as a healthy and meaningful part of life.

Protector / Safety & Security
Provides powerful support for walking through life feeling safe and protected. For knowing that you are safe wherever you go. Nurtures the sense of healthy invincibility - knowing that nothing can harm you. Supports one to feel confident and strong when facing challenges and supports one in setting healthy boundaries with others.

Wolf-Dog Hybrid / Healthy Wildness
Provides powerful support for staying connected with nature and wildness while living a modern life. Balances the wild and tame within. Supports one in staying connected with one's healthy wild side. Supports one to feel socially connected to one's "pack" and one's world. Nurtures social joy, family/pack loyalty, and commitment.

"Blessings Of Dog" Combination Formula
Provides powerful support for experiencing the joy, love, playfulness, simplicity, and presence that dogs, in general, embody. Nurtures delight at being alive and living from the heart. Supports bonding with others and being loyal and devoted to those you love. Supports the experience of living life "full-on" with exuberance and glee. Nurtures the ability to be in the present moment and enjoy the simplicity of being alive.

Flower essences and exams

examExam time is fast approaching. Flower essences can help students to prepare and successfully take exams. They really make a difference!

Flower essences improve memory, creativity and verbal expression. They help students stay calm while preparing for exams and particularly when taking them. They also protect sensitive students from absorbing the fear and tension of other students. Finally, they can help students have confidence in their capacity to succeed!

Visit our "School, studying & exams" page to see which essences can be of help to you or the students in your life during exam time.

Special Offer

During the month of May take advantage of our special 15% reduction on the Fleurs de Vie combinations and sprays. Offer good through 31 May, for internet orders only.

csClear Sky -
Cleanses our environment of energetic pollution whether it be an accumulation of astral, emotional, mental or psychic energies.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray.

cConfidence -
Enhances confidence and self-esteem. True self-confidence means accepting our self and recognising our own unique beauty.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

cuConnecting up -
Cleanses our energy field and aligns our chakras so that we can experience a clear connection with our Higher Self. It offers protection from lower astral influences during meditation or when seeking guidance from the spiritual realms.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

pPeace -
To be at peace with one self and the world. To do this we must heal our hearts and embrace forgiveness on all levels.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

sbbSubtle Body Balancer -
Works through all levels of the subtle anatomy clearing and strengthening the energy field of accumulated negative energy and pollution.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.

wsWinter Shield -
Cleanses and strengthens our energetic immunity and provides protection from energetic pollution that can result from emotional upsets, prolonged stress, and mental fatigue.
Available in 50ml aromatherapy spray or 30ml drops, stabilised with red shiso.