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To be at peace with one self and the world.

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We have re-formulated this combination essence, which was originally created in December 2001, to more specifically address issues of inner peace.

To be at peace we must heal our hearts and embrace forgiveness on all levels. To achieve this we need to be able to communicate our deepest feelings to others in a calm and loving manner.

To be at peace also means releasing the past and all those things that no longer serve our best interests. When we are at peace we experience a sense of joy and inner stillness. Our consciousness expands beyond ego boundaries so that we put aside differences and feel at peace with our self and with the world.

Peace is also available as a spray (50ml, with essential oils of white grapefruit, sweet orange, neroli and lavender).

  • Essence type : combination
  • stock or dosage : Dosage
  • Size : 30ml dropper bottle

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