The Heart Chakra

Excerpt from the Summer 2009 Newsletter

The fourth or Heart Chakra lies at the centre of our energy system, connecting the material side of the first three chakras with the more spiritual aspirations of the higher chakras. The bridge that connects these two aspects of our Being is Love. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe; learning to embody it is the lesson of the Heart Chakra.

The Love of the Heart Chakra is more than the tribal love of family (first chakra) or sexual love (second chakra). It is the unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and of others. The Love of the Heart Chakra fills us with joy, peace and compassion. Through it we realize our connection with everyone and everything around us.

To experience the full potential of a balanced Heart Chakra is to follow a path of healing and forgiveness. The emotional wounds that we are unwilling or unable to relinquish as well as toxic emotions such as hatred, resentment, betrayal, and jealousy need to be released.

It is necessary to forgive everyone and everything, including ourselves. To forgive means that we accept all the events in our lives, that we recognise what we have learned from them and that we understand that these events have no power over us. By forgiving we heal our heart and embrace unconditional love and compassion. We radiate heart energy and attract love and abundance into our lives.

The archetype of the wounded child is very prevalent in our society. Our emotional wounds often come from our childhood and they can condition the way we relate to the world as adults. In particular they keep us from opening our hearts to others. Accessing and healing the emotions and experiences of our inner child are often necessary steps in working with the heart chakra.

Inner Child (Green Hope Farm combination), Inner Child Essence (South African combination) and Rose Quartz (Crystal Energy) help us to heal our wounds and move beyond the experiences of our childhood. The Wild Child Essences (Wild Earth Animal) also deal with healing inner child issues, as do Spinach (Spirit-in-Nature) and Perséphone (Pacific - Goddess).

Healing emotional wounds is of utmost importance, as no evolution is possible without it. When we heal our heart, we radiate love, which in turn, allows us to view the world with joy, optimism and confidence in the future.

Pink Water Lily (Green Hope Farm) helps to gently unburden the heart of its deepest aches and sorrows. It anchors us to the vibration of love no matter what emotional events rock our world. Green Bog Orchid (Alaskan) stimulates the gentle release of pain and fear from deep levels of the heart, expands awareness of our inner nature, and supports the development of a heart connection with others.

Grieving Heart (Wild Earth Animal - Healing Path combination) provides powerful support for releasing the emotional pain and tears that need to be shed in order to move forward. Heart Spirit (Pacific combination) dissolves old heart pain and encourages us to truly embrace the “spirit of the heart” which is Love, Light, Laughter, Joy and Peace.

Heart Healing (Crystal Energy combination) purifies toxic emotions such as fear, anger, hatred or revenge. It promotes forgiveness, understanding and compassion, both towards ourselves and others. Metta (Petaltone - external use) helps us to love ourselves and others unconditionally. It also opens us to receive the compassion of others.

Perce neige (Deva) frees us from emotional attachments of the past as well as negative emotions and feelings of injustice. It instils joy and hope and awareness of the beauty and potential that exists in us all. Fireweed (Pacific) allows us to experience love as a vital force in our lives and dissolves feelings of separation from self and others.

Emerald (Crystal Energy) has a soothing energy that gently cleanses the heart and promotes love and understanding. It allows the frequency of Love to expand beyond the heart, seeking out and neutralising the frequency of fear and other toxic emotions.

Other essences that help us to transmute feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy, and resentment so that we can embrace forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love include: Malachite (Crystal Energy), Mountain Devil (Australian Bush), Mountain Wormwood (Alaskan), Painted Lady (South African) and Release (Petaltone - external use).

Sometimes we rid ourselves of toxic emotions but find that forgiveness still eludes us. Salal (Pacific) shows us that forgiveness is another way of “letting go”. Real forgiveness does not mean judging the situation or person and then deciding to be magnanimous and superior by forgiving. It is rooted in non-judgement and a recognition that justice is not our job. Salal helps us to sort out and to assimilate life experience and frees us to view reality through the window of the Heart.

Passiflore (Deva) heals emotional wounds and helps us forgive ourselves and others. It soothes the heart and facilitates the release of tensions. Other essences that encourage forgiveness include: Forgiving (Pacific combination), Raspberry (Spirit-in-Nature), Dagger Hakea (Australian Bush) and Kuan Yin (Pacific - Goddess).

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