Newsletter - May 2020

Prepare for the post-confinement period - New essences from Deva and PetaltoneAustralian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)Special Offer

Prepare for the post-confinement period

Not all of us have had the same experience during these first 6 weeks of confinement. For me, not much has changed except the inconvenience of not having access to all the products and services normally available. Fleurs de Vie has remained open so I have continued working. We live in a rural area with a large garden and there have been very few cases of COVID-19 in this part of France. Other people have found the confinement an inconvenient but positive time that has brought their family closer or allowed them to engage in activities that they did not have time for in the pre-coronavirus era. But many others have not fared so well.

One thing that I think we all have in common is an apprehension as to what the post-confinement period will be like. The virus is still among us and it will be necessary to continue all of the precautions of social barriers, hygiene etc. For those returning to work, how safe will it be - taking public transportation, working in conditions that might not be ideal?

Fear is still the prevalent emotion being fanned by the media, but fear does not serve us. It weakens us and keeps us from acting and reacting in a positive manner to the situation in which we all find ourselves. As mentioned in last month's newsletter, essences such as Assistance, Balancer, Emergency Essence, Saved by the Animals, or Soul Support can be invaluable to help us stay strong and steady. Angélique is particularly useful as it helps vanquish the fear of contagion that is prevalent during pandemics. It reinforces trust in life and confers strength and moral vigour when faced with an uncertain future.

Protection essences such as Aura Protect, Guardian, MeditationProtection or Protection Emotionnelle are helpful for not picking up on the fear and negative emotions of others.

During this period most of you have not been able to contact or work with your normal therapist. Until such time as this is possible, one or more of the essences mentioned above could be helpful. If you don't know what to choose, you can ask us for advice.

These next ten days will go quickly and then we will be in the post-confinement period, whatever and however that may be. Please stay strong and calm and positive and remember that we are all in this together. Be kind to yourself and to others, from a distance, of course!

New essences from Deva and Petaltone

The Laboratoire DEVA has reformulated several of its combination essences and created a new combination essence as well.

Protection émotionnelle (balanced sensitivity). This is a reformulation of the combination Protection (still available, on sale). This blend is recommended for those who feel vulnerable, fragile and insecure around other people or their surroundings. For those who are overly emotional, sensitive or easily influenced. Helps to protect from ambient negativity and to develop a sense of security.

This combination includes the following essences: Achillée Blanche, Achillée Rose, Angélique, EchinacéeMenthe Pouliot and Millepertuis.

Lâcher prise (Lighten your stress). This combination replaces Ressourcement (still available, on sale). It is recommended for people who are overworked. It gives you the ability to let go and the discernment to find the right balance in your responsibilities. It brings renewed vitality to face daily life.

This combination contains the following essences: Chêne, Edelweiss, Érable, Marronnier blancOrme and Romarin

Renaissance (Support for burn out). This new combination essence helps to recover peace and full physical, mental and emotional integrity after a situation of complete exhaustion. It allows a sufficiently solid reconstruction to be able to recover from a burn out and move forward with strength, confidence, vitality and optimism.

This combination contains the following essences: Amarante, Aneth, Echinacée, Epilobe, OlivierPassiflore and Valériane.

* * *

In the Petaltone range we are introducing a new essence called Ancestral Light. This is a mineral/plant essence combo that clears ancestral garbage powerfully! Evaporate it into the chakras, especially the Base Chakra. It dissolves harmful energies from down the ancestral line, which can be very useful as they often go undetected but influence our lives.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshops (in French)

These classes are taught in French by Nadia Jacquemin, the official Bush Flower Essences teacher for France and french speaking countries. 

Level 1 Workshops

  • Paris - 12-14 September 2020
  • Strasbourg - 3-4 October 2020
  • Brétignolle sur mer - 24-25 October 2020
  • Valence - Tain l'Hermitage - 21-22 November 2020

Level 2 Workshops

  • Valence - Tain l'Hermitage - 6-7 March 2021
  • Paris - 13-14 March 2021
  • Geneva - 27-28 March 2021
  • Strasbourg - 17-18 April 2021

Contact Nadia Jacquemin at 06 08 80 60 32 -

See programmes in French on our web site

Special Offer

During the month of May take advantage of our 15% reduction on all Crystal Energy Essences. Good for internet orders only.

Crystal Energy Essences contain the energetic imprint of minerals, stabilised in a decoction of red shiso (perilla frutescens) and white vinegar. These mineral essences work on the level of the chakras and subtle bodies, helping to eradicate fear and toxic emotions, while encouraging love and forgiveness.

The range is made up of 36 mineral essences and 5 combination essences.