Excerpt from the February 2012 Newsletter

No matter how much we would like to live in a secure, predictable environment, things change. And we are being constantly hearing that there will be lots of changes in 2012! Most people fear change. Things change around us and we often feel that we have no control over the situation, we feel helpless. While it is true that there are many situations and events we cannot control, we can control how we react to them. While these words are easy to say, they are not so easy to live. Human beings seek stability, so while we might not object to change as such, it is the transition period (when we have cut loose from the old but have not yet anchored our self in the new) that fills us with dread.

Some people absolutely refuse to change, obstinately holding on to the past. This resistance to change is usually a fear-based reaction. By remaining open, optimistic, confident and flexible, we can embrace change and adapt it to our best interests. Change is always an opportunity to grow, to cast aside the old and start anew. Luckily, flower essences are extremely useful allies that can help us adapt to change and make the most of it.

Here are a few suggestions of essences to help with change.

Alaskan Flower Essences

  • Glacier River – helps us let go of our resistance to change.
  • Round Leaved Sundew – fear of the unknown, helps us let go of our resistance to change.
  • Hairy Butterwort – support for moving through change without crisis.
  • Fireweed Combo – supports the processes of transformation, transition and change.
  • Tidal Forces – helps wash away mental resistance to change and accept what is.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

  • Bauhinia – for resistance to change.
  • Bottlebrush – for feeling overwhelmed by change.
  • Freshwater Mangrove – being willing to change the ways you think about things and open to new experiences.
  • Red Grevillea – for those who want to change but feel blocked.
  • Silver Princess – helps find new direction after the end of a job or other experience.
  • Antarctic Essence – willingness to deal with major change.

Crystal Energy Essences

  • Ruby – helps us move beyond our customs and old beliefs without feeling uprooted and lost.
  • Ametrine – courage to follow a new direction in life.
  • Rhodochrosite – helps us open to change.

Laboratoire Deva

  • Edelweiss – to remain true to oneself during times of great change.
  • Angélique – offers protection during periods of uncertainty and facing the unknown.
  • Cayenne – unable to move forward, inertia.
  • Evolution (composé 14) – gives us the courage and confidence necessary to face the future.

Green Hope Farm

Ile de Lumière

  • Courage – give us the courage to face our fears and accept changes.

Pacific Essences

  • Poison Hemlock – for moving through transition periods without getting stuck.
  • Pink Seaweed – helps harmonise thought before action during the periods of change.
  • Grass Widow – releases old beliefs and limiting patterns thus facilitating change.
  • Death Camas – when change seems overwhelming, helps us appreciate change as an opportunity to grow.

South African Essences

  • Bottle Brush – courage to change.
  • Rhododendron – softens rigidity and refusal to change.
  • Dune Calendula – keeps us connected to our soul and spirit during times of transition and change.
  • Strelitzia – for indecisiveness and procrastination, unable to make choices.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences

  • Fig – helps rigid, uncompromising people to be more flexible and adaptable, conferring a sense of humour and the ability to “go with the flow”.
  • Corn – gives us the mental vitality needed to say “yes” to life’s challenges and face new beginnings with enthusiasm.
  • Tomato – for mental strength and courage to affirm victory over life’s trials.

Wild Earth Animal Essences

  • Frog – for embracing change and transformation as a constant of life.
  • Butterfly – a catalyst for transformation, for letting go and moving forward.