Forgiving Maximize


Cutting the cords that bind us to the painful experiences and situations in the past.

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- Giving ourselves the freedom to disconnect from any and all “old and painful” stuff by letting go of any blame or shame that we might attribute to ourselves or others.

- Forgiving is the ultimate gift to ourselves and restores our own sense of self empowerment and self direction.

- For “control freaks” it is the ultimate and optimally healthy form of control.

- Cleans every cell memory of any harm we have ever perceived that anyone had done for us.

- Dissolves bitterness, resentment, fear, hostility.

- Frees our soul to dance the dance we came here to perform.

In a nutshell: the gift of inner peace ; the gift of present time ; the gift of health.

This combination includes the following 4 individual essences: Grass Widow, Salal, Twin Flower, Whale.

  • Essence type : combination
  • stock or dosage : Dosage
  • Size : 25ml dropper bottle

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