Being True Worth

Being True Worth

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Re-cognizing who we really are; transcends cultural programming.

- Freedom to express who we are in our daily lives and relationships.

- Transcending cultural programming/brainwashing.

- Nourishes Lung & Large Intestine meridians, receiving new vibrant energy and releasing old toxic energy.

- Welcoming new feelings, releasing old emotional patterns which don't serve.

- Embracing new thoughts and attitudes, dissolving crystallized thought forms.

In a nutshell: acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in ourselves ; acknowledging and accepting strengths and weaknesses in others ; fully enjoying and appreciating the role we came to play in the cosmic dance of life.

This combination includes the following 5 individual essences: Fairy Bell, Indian Pipe, Polyanthus, Red Huckleberry, Windflower.

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