Being Peace

Being Peace

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The purpose of this combination is quite simply to create the energy of peace within us so that we can experience peace in the world around us.

As more and more of us understand that peace begins with me and not with “changing out there” the greater hope there is for peace in our world. Each of the 5 elements is represented in the formula.

Fireweed (Fire Element) for the willingness and wholehearted desire to heal from trauma. Mother Earth does this spontaneously – i.e. Fireweed is the first plant to re-emerge on a scarred and devastated landscape.

Wallflower (Earth Element) because it is so effective at healing the ability to communicate and make space for differences.

Indian Pipe (Metal Element) because reverence and respect for all of life at this point in the history of humans on earth is CRITICAL!!!!!

Coral (Water Element) because it is about living in community and literally changing our brains so that maybe we as humans will “get it” – understand what we are doing here and also see what we can be doing here.

Twin Flower (Wood Element) for the compassionate heart – both for ourselves and others. A very powerful essence that often comes up when people hate themselves and self hatred is one of the contributing factors to non-peace on the planet.

For best results, take frequently for two weeks.

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