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Kids' Stuff

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For things that “go bump in the night” and scary things in closets and under beds... restores a feeling of “all is well in my world”.

- For all the fears (imagined and real) and dramas and traumas of childhood ... when a piece of rope looks like a poisonous snake or the wind in the trees is a gang of monsters or we can't get into bed at night until we're sure that there is nothing or no one hiding under the bed or in the closet.

- For when we think the “sky is falling in” or “it's all our fault” when mum and dad are fighting or when one of them gets sick ... or when “bad stuff” happens.

- Restores innocence and harmony and “acceptance of what is” with calm detachment and lightheartedness.

- Also for childhood conflicts and sibling rivalry.

- This essence is good for grownups too!!!

In a nutshell: restores innocence ; promotes spontaneity ; nourishes inner security and Self referral.

This combination includes the following 4 individual essences: Alum Root, Dolphin, Lily of the Valley, Poplar.

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