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Appreciation for 'all that is'; playful, lighthearted; inter species communication.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Thrid Eye, Crown.
Meridians: Spleen, Heart.
Elements: Earth, Fire.

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Dolphins are the Water creature manifestation of angels. They bring forth all the same energy for us - playfulness, lightheartedness, dancing, flying, fun energy. They are probably humans' first link with other dimensional consciousness from the animal kingdom. There are many amazing stories of dolphins rescuing stranded and exhausted swimmers and gently carrying them back to the safety of land. This remedy is a vital link for someone who feels profound alienation and loneliness and a sense of deep loss and abandonment living on the earth plane.

Dolphins have huge brains. Always people talk of their hearts in relation to dolphins and their recognition of their ability to be more than they are. This is a remedy of heart and mind expansion and transformation. Primarily connecting to the limbic system, the part of the brain where we experience a wide range of emotions from pleasure and sexual ecstasy to anger and fear, Dolphin is a remedy to transform linear mind into holistic feeling mind through the alchemy of connection with heart energy. Many people have seen this remedy lodging in the heart centre, travelling up to the head and then spiralling out into other dimensions, indicating its power for expansion of consciousness.
  • Essence type : sea essence
  • stock or dosage : Stock
  • Latin name : Stenella longirostris
  • Size : 25ml dropper bottle

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