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Mental strength and courage; living in the affirmation of victory over Iife's trials; for battling addictions with food, smoking or any unwanted habit; for psychic protection; ""The warrior essence"".

Keyword: Mental strength, courage

Negative Pattern: Fear; nightmares; withdrawal; defensiveness; addictions; shyness; defeatist attitude; instability; for the stress of city life.

Positive Outcome: Knowing there is no failure, only another chance to succeed; belief in oneself, invincibility; psychic protection; stability, hope.

Tomato Essence helps us battle anything from mildly annoying bad habits to major addictions. It is an empowering essence which brings hope, steadfastness and victory. Tomato also vibrationally addresses fears. It is particularly good for fears associated with travelling which can range from sense of vulnerability and disorientation in foreign environments to the terror of air flights. Tomato affords psychic protection and shields us from foreign or negative energies.
When we are afraid, we turn inwards and clutch onto our fear, which in turn contracts our energy. Tomato can transmute this fear into courage. The message of Tomato is that victory need not mean winning. Victory lies in our attitudes of strength and courage, which attract success and the life-affirming quality of hope.

Use with animals: Strength, courage; for fear-based behavior, mild to overwhelming, of known or unknown origin; skittish or easily spooked animals; for terrifying experiences; coping with city life; fear-based barking; animals who attack out of fear.

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flower essence
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Solanum lycopersicum
15ml dropper bottle

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