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Simplicity; for stress and stress-related issues; for an overly analytical state of mind; for childlike trust and contentment; for people who take themselves too seriously; ""The uncomplicator"".
Keyword: Simplicity

Negative Pattern: Stress; feeling overwhelmed; distrustful; for an unhappy childhood; excessive worry.

Positive outcome: Healing one's inner child; trust; sense of wonder, playfulness; freedom; carefree nature; an ability to enjoy oneself.

Spinach essence allows us to be carefree but not careless, light-footed but not light-headed. It integrates a sense of play with responsibility, and wonderment with acceptance. It helps us deal with the stress of modern life by showing us the importance of taking ourselves lightly, of laughing, and of enjoying life. Spinach, could be described as 'bottled childhood."" It offers us the opportunity to heal our inner child and recapture, and rejoice in, the delicate play of life.

Use with animals: simplicity; for animals who act older than their years; for stress and pets living in stressful households; for strays; anxious or troubled animals; to restore playfulness.

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flower essence
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Spinacea oleracea
15ml dropper bottle

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