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Good memory; for when detailed tasks are undertaken; in preparation for exams or when quick, clear thinking is required; for undertaking creative endeavors.
Keyword: Good memory

Negative Pattern: Forgetful; absentminded; dull; going along without purpose or direction.
Positive Outcome: Mental focus; improved memory; greater awareness; for tracing back to past traumas with clarity; helps past issues to surface to the conscious mind; learning from mistakes.

Avocado not only awakens clarity of thought, improved memory and mental dexterity, but the zeal to apply ourselves as well. Instead of being mentally absent, day-dreamy, disorganized or spacey, we are awake and alert. Avocado boasts that state of readiness to complete the task before us, be it studying for an exam, or making a major career decision. Avocado imparts a strong sense of direction and the willingness to move forward with purpose. It also helps us to learn from the past, so that we don't repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Use with animals: good memory; for pets to come home when called; for training; better focus, especially when distractions are present; alertness; non-responsive animals.

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flower essence
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Persea americana
15ml dropper bottle

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