Back to school

The start of the school year is always a time of change, whether it is just adjusting to new classes or actually moving to a new school.

Below are some suggestions that can help children start off the school year on the right foot.

  • Confid (Australian Bush combination) builds self-esteem and confidence, and helps children who are self-conscious around others. 
  • Pineapple (Spirit-in-Nature/Master's) builds self-assurance, for children who are self-deprecating, who compare themselves to others, who are dissatisfied with themselves. 
  • Lion Cub (Wild Earth Animal) is for children who are fearful or anxious and lack confidence. 
  • Cow Parsnip (Alaskan) helps those who have difficulty connecting with or adapting to new surroundings after a move. It also facilitates flexibility and adaptation to change. 
  • Corn (Spirit-in-Nature) enhances mental vitality - for new beginnings: a new school year, moving to a new location, making new friends. 

Don't forget the many flower essences that can make studying easier by helping with concentration, memory, creativity and verbal expression. Click here for a list of useful essences.

Flower Essences can also be used by teachers and parents. They can be sprayed in the classroom or study area at home to clear the air and make the environment more appropriate for learning. If there are unruly students who cannot settle down, try spraying the classroom with a space clearing essence like Clear Sky (Fleurs de Vie) or Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush). You can also use the Easy Learning Spray (Alaskan) or Calm and Clear Mist (Australian Bush) to help students concentrate and remain focused on their lessons.

The flower essences that help in school are not reserved for children. They can also help any adult who is taking a training course, starting a new project at work or starting a new job. These are times when it is useful to feel confident, focused and able to take in and understand new concepts and procedures.