The Arbor Garden Essence

The Arbor Garden Essence

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This mix holds a vibration of Oneness, harmony, grace and sanctuary. Excellent for grief, disharmony, or any situations where we have forgotten our Oneness.
The Arbor Garden is a place of deep serenity and peace at Green Hope Farm. The garden is composed of terraced beds, a large grape arbor, a small pond and a multitude of blossoms. As with so many gardens here, the Angels and Elementals fill the beds with flowers that arrive of their own accord; ""vibrational volunteers"" so to speak. The little pond is covered with water lilies and supports a large population of goldfish and frogs. Its bubbling fountain cools and soothes the body and soul. We gravitate to this garden to meditate, read, celebrate, picnic or find our centers. Made from more than 30 flowers which grew in the Arbor Garden, this combination Essence holds the vibration of both the Flowers and the place itself. Years of energy work by Humans, Elementals and Angels is embodied in the actual Essence.
The Arbor Garden Essence vibration is one of harmony, peace and Oneness. It is a vibration of peace which makes one feel enfolded, embraced, safe and protected. It is a vibration of Oneness with the Creator, beyond time and space, which helps us know how loved we really are. It is a vibration of harmony which reminds us that we can let things unfold as they are meant to unfold, full of a calm certainty that all things are working for our highest good. This vibration has always been. The Arbor Garden Essence helps us find the sanctuary that was always there within us.
We have heard from many of you that Arbor Garden has been very helpful in situations of grief. The Angels corroborate this, adding that it helps to dispel the illusion that anyone can ever be lost to us.

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