Terre & Cosmos

Terre & Cosmos
Created by Ute Franke, in Germany, the Terre & Cosmos energetic essences are harmonising tools that help everyone be more aware, to identify obstacles and get rid of blockages. In our aura we have energy centers called "chakras" (Sanskrit word meaning "wheel"), which are meeting points between all the different subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric). Each chakra is distinguished by its unique vibrational field. The Chakra Essences contain the ideal energy vibration of each chakra. They are available in the stock strength in 15ml dropper bottles. - For more information on these elixirs and how to use them.
  • Chakra 10 - hand chakra

    'This essence works on the palm chakras which are found in the palm of the hands. This is where we store all sorts of subtle forces that come from outside of ourselves. These energy centres are linked to our manner of acting and “grasping”. If one of these chakras is blocked our hands may be either cold or congested and we may have difficulties speaking and making ourselves understood.

  • Chakra 11 - elbow chakra

    'This essence works on the elbow chakras which are located on the inside point of the elbow ; their task is to accept and limit our relations. Disturbances in these chakras show as an inability to say “yes” or “no”. The left elbow chakra controls our emotional perseverance and the right our intellectual perseverance.