Chakra Blend Essences

Flower essence combination essences for the 7 chakras Based on the wisdom of the ancient Indian rishis, or seers of thousands of years ago, the chakra system gives us deep insights into our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual selves. The Chakra Blend Flower Essences are keenly attuned to reinforcing each chakra’s flow, stability, and expansion. Each Chakra Blend Flower Essence contains 3 different flowers, carefully combined to address the core issues and strengths of these metaphysical centers that are vitally important to our overall well-being.
  • 1st Chakra Blend

    The 1st, or Muladhara chakra at the coccyx center, represents the earth element and the color red. Its positive attributes are steadfastness, loyalty, perseverance, and embracing what is true. 

  • 2nd Chakra Blend

    The 2nd, or Swadisthana chakra located at the sacral center in the area near the sexual organs, in the warming color of orange, expresses the element of water with its message of flexibility and fluid movement toward non-attachment. 

  • 3rd Chakra Blend

    The 3rd, or Manipura chakra located at the lumbar center behind the navel, radiates the fire element in bright yellow as it rises skyward. The qualities of this chakra are fiery, expressive self-control and balanced exuberance. 

  • 4th Chakra Blend

    The 4th, or Anahata chakra, is located in the center of the chest area near the heart. With the color of green, it represents unconditional love, expansive growth, inner freedom, and life force in the element of air that helps us develop a sense of kinship with all life. 

  • 5th Chakra Blend

    The 5th, or Vishudha chakra located at the base of the throat, is a deep, pure blue, representing the expansive element of ether, a place – metaphysically speaking – more calm than the moving vibrations of time or space. It can help to process emotions, to speak one’s truth, calmly and influentially, and to pursue special talents. 

  • 6th Chakra Blend

    The 6th, or Ajna chakra, unlike the other chakras, is polarized into a negative pole at the base of the skull (medulla oblongata) and a positive pole at the point between the eyebrows, also called the spiritual, or third eye. The negative pole is the metaphysical seat of the human ego; the positive pole represents liberation from that form. Its color is indigo, or blue with shades of purple. 

  • 7th Chakra Blend

    The 7th, or Sahasrara/crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. Existing beyond form like the 6th chakra with the element of super-ether, it is represented by the color violet, which vibrates at the highest frequency of all the visible colors of the rainbow spectrum. Its beneficial qualities are freedom, harmony, and bliss.