Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe

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Reconciliation with others and making peace with self, reverence for all of life.

Chakra: Root.
Meridians: Lung, Conception Vessel.
Element: Metal.
In Indian Pipe we find the ability to ""stand alone in closeness"", so that we can be fully in relationship and community while maintaining and expressing our own unique qualities of being. It fosters self respect and respect for others. It resolves the inner voices that endlessly cloud the beauty of our true inner being. It counteracts negative self talk and banishes feelings of worthlessness, so that we can easily find and live our life purpose.

For native peoples pipes were a representation of drawing in Spirit to earthly matters. Smoking the peace pipe after battle with one's enemies was an invitation to Spirit to bless the new relationship.

Indian Pipe is a constitutional remedy for the Metal element, helping us to express ourselves in the world and to recognize and to claim what is valuable.

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flower essence
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Monotropa uniflora
25ml dropper bottle

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