Easter Lily

Easter Lily

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Encourages free expression of self; eliminates social masks.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown.
Meridians: Kidney, Bladder.
Element: Water.
Easter Lily helps to integrate the different aspects of our personalities, allowing us to express ourselves openly and honestly.

Its connection to the Crown chakra makes it particularly effective as a tool for getting past the roles we assume in order to make ourselves more attractive to others. When we express our inner being from the Heart centre or serve as a channel for universal energy through the Crown chakra the power of that energy alignment is so strong that we become as light shining away the darkness of illusion.

Connected to the Water element in Chinese medicine, Easter Lily affects both the Kidney and Bladder channels. The Water element is in charge of vital energy reserves in the Body/Mind and controls our ability to adapt to stress. Water always finds a course around obstacles in its path. It flows.

The Kidney channel stores the vital essence which is the energy matrix necessary for the formation of Qi. Easter Lily helps us to discover and to express the ""pearl in the oyster,"" the ""diamond in the lump of coal.""

For women, Easter Lily has proved to be highly effective for Premenstrual Syndrome and other gynecological imbalances.

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flower essence
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erythronium oreganum
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