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Provides an opportunity to be responsible for depression and thereby dispel it; for clear memory.

Chakras: Sacral, Crown.
Meridian: Heart.
Element: Fire.
Periwinkle lifts the dark cloud of depression regardless of what apparently caused it. It moves us to the place of inner knowing, our place of deepest wisdom, where we remember who we are. In Chinese medicine the Heart houses the Spirit. Depression and other mental/emotional challenges often show up as an energy imbalance in the Heart channel. When the condition is severe there is a sense that 'nobody's home'.

At the physical level Periwinkle affects hypertension, hemorrhaging, and nervous disorders especially anxiety states. It calms the mind. It is also used for SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) which is a type of depression caused by insufficient sunlight to stimulate the production of a hormone called melatonin during the winter months.

As a herbal tincture it improves memory and as an essence provides clear memory. It is useful for past life regression work and easier dream recall.

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flower essence
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Vinca major
25ml dropper bottle

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