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Ox-eye Daisy

Ox-eye Daisy

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Total perspective; for being centered.

Chakra: Third Eye.
Meridians: Heart Protector, Kidney.
Elements: Fire, Water.
This is the remedy for vision and the visionary. It helps to move out of positions of being overfocused and allows us to tune into a larger perspective. When we can access the ""big picture"" we are able to put things together in a new way - synthesis/alchemy. Ox-Eye Daisy helps us to synthesize the elements of our lives in new and creative ways.

The golden yellow centre is a safe place from which to view all of life while maintaining a connection with our own inner being.

Related to the Kidney meridian and the Third Eye chakra, it dissolves the energy blocks of fear which prevent us from seeing clearly.

Physically it impacts on the eyes and ears and helps to develop better vision. It is the remedy of choice when we are really striving to see something in a new light, to gain perspective and understanding.

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flower essence
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chrysanthemum leucanthemum
25ml dropper bottle

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