Silver Birch

Silver Birch

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Enhances ability to receive and to conceive; softens the need to control; dispels suffering & develops humility.

Chakra: Heart.
Meridian: Spleen.
Element: Earth.
Silver Birch is the catalyst for balanced female energy. It epitomizes 'strength in yielding'.

Physically this remedy will be used for healing the organs of reproduction. Emotionally and spiritually it will help with conception especially if there are mental or emotional blocks standing in the way. Metaphysically it will assist with the conception of new ideas, and bring them forth into manifestation.

Silver Birch can also be used to eliminate power struggles in relationship. When one person does not need to control the whole show it is easier to create agreement and harmony prevails.

Control is a very dominant feature in our North American society especially for people who are trying to play many roles simultaneously. It is incredibly self-sabotaging behaviour. Trees would snap in half if they were as inflexible as some humans.

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flower essence
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Betula pendula
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